US lawyer drops rap video to promote legal services 

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🎵 Juan LaFonta, Juan LaFonta, Juan LaFonta… 🎵

A US lawyer has ripped up the marketing rule book to produce an advert which probably needs to be seen to be believed.

New Orleans attorney Juan LaFonta’s eye-catching effort features rap artist ‘Big Freedia’ spitting bars in front of a lorry while accompanied by a troop of backing dancers.

The bars themselves are fairly limited in content, with Big Freedia spending most of the advert repeating personal injury specialist LaFonta’s name over and over again.

Our lawyer friends across the pond are known for their unique approach to self-promotion.

A particular favourite around Legal Cheek HQ is Texan lawyer Bryan Wilson, aka the Law Hawk, who in years gone by has brandished flamethrowers, performed jet ski stunts and battled (quite literally) Coronavirus, all in the pursuit of self-promotion.

You can check out one of Law Hawk’s classic adverts below.

City law firm marketing teams take note.

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