A law student’s bumpy journey to TC success – as seen through Insta Reels

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By Erin Williams on

Highs and lows

Many wannabe lawyers can relate to the thrill of announcing their status as a law student (at least twice a day) to everyone they meet. Yet the chaotic journey of obtaining a law degree and securing a training contract is perhaps even more relatable.

Whether you are beginning your first application cycle or are well acquainted with rejection emails, the hurdles that wannabe lawyers tackle in their attempts to secure TCs are ones all prospective lawyers share. And yet the hardest part of all is juggling this alongside a law degree — from the endless chapters of reading to the never-ending assignments, being a wannabe lawyer is not for the faint-hearted.

These 13 Instagram Reels below breakdown a wannabe lawyer’s journey from law school to applications and is perhaps the most relatable article a TC hunter will read. (Please refresh page if Instagram posts aren’t showing).

1. Starting law school

2. Writing the first assignment (or attempting to)

3. Realising a law degree requires hard work

4. Winging it

5. Entering the first exam season completely unprepared

6. Discovering newly qualified salaries

7. Facing rejection

8. Making it to interview

9. Messing up the interview

10. Calculating the chances of securing the TC

11. Facing rejection (again!)

12. Securing the vac scheme

13. And eventually converting it into a TC!

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