Category: Bizarre

Lawyer calls client a ‘small penis as*hole’ — then challenges him to a duel over billing dispute

Row with your client? Insult the size of his manhood and then figuratively slap him in face with a silk glove

Jul 17 2015 11:54am

Signs of despair as criminal bar strike ballot moves to climax

Will lawyers take a leaf from book of French revolutionaries on Bastille Day?

Jul 14 2015 3:31pm

Clifford Chance ponders battery farm lawyers

Office sub-let deal to leading German bank sparks fears of poolside culture clash

Jul 14 2015 2:29pm

Meet the traditional Law Society man on steps — and the garrotted wife

Weird rituals were enacted at yesterday’s annual meeting of the body that represents solicitors

Jul 10 2015 4:25pm

Booked up

Can anyone beat this pile of law tomes?

Jul 10 2015 11:54am

Is this the real ‘Suits’ law firm?

Ok, so they’re in unfashionable Toronto and not NYC, but the airbrushed Henein Hutchison mob has nailed the look just in time for broadcast of series five

Jul 8 2015 3:08pm

Court user lashes out at ban on legal aid debates in robing rooms

Officials have confirmed that mentioning the word “strike” while on court premises is a naughty step offence

Jul 7 2015 12:14pm

Latham & Watkins vac schemer in Wolf of Wall Street-style drugs and prostitutes binge

Wannabe lawyer splurged firm’s cash on first-class travel and took a call girl to formal work dinner -- quality performance!

Jul 1 2015 12:32pm

Latest landmark for Amal Clooney – first professional lookalike hits party circuit

A holiday worker from Cornwall has teamed with a Kent cleaner to mirror high-flying barrister and her middle-aged actor hubby

Jun 29 2015 10:45am

Large arse spotted at global law firm, shock

Fears abounded that this “Playboy” image could have caused Clifford Chance’s diversity supremo to lose some sleep

Jun 23 2015 3:46pm

Amal Clooney’s chambers-mate reported to be working on fees of £1.50 an hour

Doughty Street Chambers and Bindmans Solicitors highlight demise of legal aid -- while actor’s wife jets between New York and London

Jun 22 2015 3:50pm

DLA in the soup over ‘wicked witch’ label for ex-client

Regulator called in after data retention disclosure unearths embarrassing emails

Jun 18 2015 12:42pm

Ministry of Justice — the sick man of Whitehall

Michael Gove arrives to find a culture of sick days and stress that is the worst of all government departments

Jun 17 2015 5:21pm

County court notice flags up the lack of love between barristers and solicitors

Segregation attempt triggers social media outrage from the larger branch of legal profession

Jun 17 2015 11:01am

PM hit with social media flack for Magna Carta banalities

David Cameron’s 800th anniversary message from windswept Surrey car park wins little more than derision

Jun 15 2015 3:58pm

Official research: law students love it doggy style

University sex survey shows wannabe lawyers prefer approaching from behind to traditional missionary position

Jun 12 2015 11:42am

Only a barrister would pay best part of £6k for a dating service

Who is the mystery woman of the bar looking for love with a man cradling a copy of Emma?

Jun 11 2015 4:36pm

Outsourced court staff play Bhutanese translation joke on harassed barrister

Pay attention crime lawyers -- salutary tale highlighted on Secret Barrister Blog

Jun 9 2015 4:34pm