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Mar 7 2016 10:52am

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Don’t you just love the living and breathing nature of the law?

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Criminal law syllabuses to get makeover as Supreme Court gives landmark joint enterprise judgment

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Big Voice London aims to bring people who see the world differently into the profession

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People actually watch the UK Supreme Court TV channel

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Supreme Court chief tells judges to be nice to each other in their judgments

Don't attack colleagues, urges Lord Neuberger

Dec 9 2015 10:11am

Supreme Court takes down Marks & Spencer in a momentous case set to impact LLB-ers

Sorry law students -- even more land law to learn

Dec 2 2015 2:39pm

Science is harder than law, says Lord Neuberger

Head of Supreme Court reveals that he became a barrister after failing to cut it as a chemist

Nov 30 2015 1:51pm

Supreme Court judge predicts that a flurry of women will follow Lady Hale into top court over next five years

With nine places on highest bench shortly up for grabs, expect a shake-up

Nov 3 2015 4:06pm

Supreme Court hears joint enterprise case that could shake up criminal law syllabuses

Key legal principle could be overhauled -- and the whole process is being charted live via video and social media

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Supreme Court judge Lord Carnwath misses out on ‘The Martian’ glory

Choir of which judge is key member does music for Hollywood blockbuster ... without him

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That Baroness Hale is a social media pop babe!

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Aug 26 2015 4:20pm

Criminal law juniors take another knock as Supreme Court green-lights QASA

Controversial advocacy assessment regime loses final judicial review hurdle today

Jun 24 2015 1:42pm

How old Supreme Court judges look vs how old they really are

New website determines your age by analysing your image -- and there are mixed results for our Supreme Court judges

May 5 2015 9:10am