UCAS data reveals law is most searched for career

As nearly half of all users express interest in apprenticeships

Jun 20 2023 10:24am

Twice as many women as men apply to study law

Overall law school applications have increased by over 17,000 since 2019, UCAS data shows

Feb 8 2023 9:33am

Over two-thirds of law applicants are female

UCAS data shows almost one in ten of all applications are for law

Feb 1 2022 9:05am

Top UK law schools require higher A-Level grades from poorer students, research finds

Also half as likely to attend high-ranking unis

Jul 13 2020 2:40pm

It’s easier to get a place on a law degree than a European languages, history or philosophy degree

Exclusive: Law is the eighth most competitive university course

May 18 2017 9:04am

The number of applications made to study law this year has increased more than any other course

Exclusive: Most university subjects reporting a drop

May 12 2017 9:09am

Number of students studying undergraduate law degrees has risen by 28% since 2007

LLBs are booming -- and increasingly dominated by women

Jan 8 2016 1:40pm