Intellectual Property

AI and the rise of ‘music laundering’

LPC student Frederick Gummer analyses the legal implications of artificial intelligence on the music industry

Apr 29 2024 8:04am

The legal lessons of Barbenheimer

First-year law student Shinelle Leo looks at last year's cultural film phenomenon

Apr 22 2024 8:55am

The future of music copyright laws

Cambridge University graduate and aspiring lawyer Katrina Toner considers what lies ahead for IP laws

Jul 26 2023 8:58am

The impact of AI on copyright law

Following public excitement around 'ChatGPT', aspiring barrister Jonathan Binns considers the impact of artificial intelligence on UK copyright law, and even asks the chatbot for its take

Dec 20 2022 8:52am

#SaveColin or #FreeCuthbert? The case of the caterpillar cakes

Southampton University law graduate Sammy Hacklett unpicks Thursday's tasty IP claim brought by M&S against Aldi

Apr 19 2021 12:34pm

What the non-fungible token craze means for IP law

Non-fungible tokens have become an unlikely innovator in the art world; Bristol University student William Holmes explains why IP law may have to respond

Mar 12 2021 9:35am

How Brunelleschi’s boat is shaping the future of AI

Bristol University student and future trainee William Holmes explains how the Italian Renaissance has informed modern IP law

Mar 10 2021 11:57am

Why Formula 1 and intellectual property don’t mix

County court advocate Ben Ramsey explains why F1 teams choose to protect their innovations with secrecy not patents

Nov 27 2020 10:31am

Music law: A barrier to creativity?

Swansea University law and media student Alice Wills explains why copyright law appears to be stifling artists' creativity

Oct 16 2020 10:21am

What Mediaeval animal trials can teach us about AI and the law

Future magic circle trainee William Holmes unlocks the method in 'Mediaeval madness'

Jul 21 2020 11:12am

Can copyright subsist in an artificial intelligence-generated work?

Clifford Chance senior associate Leigh Smith considers some of the intellectual property law issues arising from the increasing prevalence, and increasing capability, of AI software

Sep 13 2018 10:02am

The legal minefield that is private space travel

International space law is now more important than ever before

Feb 19 2018 11:58am

The possibility of the world’s first head transplant is a medical law nightmare

Questions posed by Mary Shelley centuries ago about what it means to be a person lie unanswered

Dec 6 2017 11:31am

The legal implications of printing out new body parts

Concerns aplenty as it’s revealed we’ll be able to 3D print new organs by 2023

Jun 15 2017 10:11am

Where’s the fair use?

Copyright law is struggling to keep pace with technology. Mayer Brown associate Jonathan Dack looks at what this means for vloggers as the #WTFU debate gathers pace

Apr 27 2016 10:58am