Law Lecturer In Sex (And Other Stuff)-For-Grades Scandal

In the good old days, sleeping with a lecturer was sufficient to get your grades bumped up to a first or distinction. But in these tough economic times, it seems that mere sex is no longer enough. According to court documents, National University of Singapore law student Ko Wen Hui, 23, not only had to… Read more »

World’s Most Famous Legal Executive Starts Law School

The self taught Chinese ‘barefoot lawyer’ Chen Guangcheng may not have followed the Chartered Institute of Legal Executive (CILEX) path to non-graduate legal qualification, but for me he’s a legal executive in spirit. Chen, who begins studying law the traditional way at New York Law School (NYU) this week, didn’t experience any form of formal… Read more »

#RoundMyKitchenTable: Feminism In The Bake-Off Era

In the week of International Women’s Baking Day, Legal Cheek invited two international women to appear on the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast. Half-Italian Annalisa Checchi, a legal & business affairs manager at CMGRP UK, and Daniela Valdez, a Spanish law student at Birkbeck University, join hosts Kevin Poulter and Alex Aldridge. On Thursday, Aldridge stoked the women… Read more »