Downton Abbey or The Judiciary?

Downton Abbey addicts in need of a period drama fix after the end of series four last night should consider the newly-televised Royal Courts of Justice — where the lack of diversity and dominance of the upper classes makes for a passable recreation of 1920s England. Indeed, sometimes it can be hard to tell which… Read more »

Three lawyers feature in The Independent’s ‘Pink List’ 2013

The legal profession is healthily represented in this year’s ‘Pink List’, with three of its members bagging slots in the 101-strong list of influential gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people… Leading the way at number 30 in the rankings — compiled by The Independent on Sunday — is Lord Justice Etherton. In 2008, Etherton became… Read more »

The 16 most amusing Queen’s Counsel cartoons ever

As The Times’ Queen’s Counsel cartoon turns 20 — and marks its anniversary with a new book — the barrister-turned-cartoonist behind it, Alex Williams, picks his 16 favourite cartoons from the series exclusively for Legal Cheek. 1. A…solicitor?!

The perils of representing yourself in court as a barrister

Salford-based barrister Andrew Rosmarine has given a demonstration of how representing yourself in court can prove challenging even for an experienced barrister. Mr Rosmarine’s application for permission to bring judicial review of a decision against him by the Legal Ombudsman (LO) was made particularly memorable by the way he attempted to maintain objectivity by referring… Read more »

Video: Judge punches judge in Mexican courtroom brawl

A senior Mexican judge is facing possible impeachment after he attacked fellow judges during a televised hearing last week. A video of the incident has since appeared on YouTube… Morelos state appeals court head Miguel Angel Falcon took the extraordinary decision to resort to violence after being angered by comments made by one of his… Read more »

‘F*ck you!’ — ‘that’s 300 days!’: Judge keeps upping insolent defendant’s contempt of court sentence as insults spew forth

A furious US judge increased a defendant’s contempt of court sentence seven times as she argued with him during a video arraignment earlier this month. A clip of the extraordinary bust-up has since found its way onto YouTube… The defendant, Ebony Burks, initially committed contempt of court after refusing to comply with a non-contact order… Read more »

Lord Justice Ward bows out with a tribute to oral advocacy

Legendary Court of Appeal judge Sir Alan Ward has delivered his final judgment. Compared to some of his other stuff, it’s pretty tame, with no mention of “warring bankers”, use of incredible equine metaphors or reflections on the nature of love. But paragraph 40 (reproduced in full below) features a memorable tribute to the English… Read more »

Name that UK Supreme Court Justice

The 12 UK Supreme Court judges may not rack up Justin Bieber levels of views on their YouTube channel, but, on balance, they’re probably more important to the smooth functioning of the world. How many of them can you identify from the animated gifs below? (The answers are on our Facebook page)

Judicial ‘Pepsi Challenge’ fails as law students are unable to identify judges’ gender from their anonymised rulings

Durham University law students’ attempt to tell the gender of a judge on the basis of their judgment alone has yielded a success rate of just 46%. The experiment — a legal version, if you will, of the famous Pepsi Challenge (a blind Pepsi v Coke taste test) — was conducted following prompting by Supreme Court President… Read more »

10 of the best Lord Justice Ward lines

Last month, retiring Court of Appeal judge Sir Alan Ward (pictured) used his penultimate judgment to deliver a wistful nautical-themed allegory about departing the Royal Courts of Justice. It wasn’t the first time that he’d made lawyers smile. Here are ten of his best lines… ‘Warring bankers’ “This case involves a number of – and… Read more »

Anonymous case report of the week

The Court of Appeal’s recent judgement in AAA (by her litigation friend BBB) v Associated Newspapers Limited regarding the paternity of a child born out of wedlock to someone “in high public office” is supposedly anonymised… As Guido Fawkes notes, “Ooops”.