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Will lawyers fall for the government’s ‘wholesale privatisation of justice’ PR trick?

During the consultation over the scrapping of the trainee solicitor minimum salary last year, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) suggested to the media that trainees could be re-classified as apprentices – and earn just £2.60/hour as a result. Outrage ensued. When the trainee minimum salary was dropped two months later, and replaced with the standard… Read more »

Four Reasons Why The Trainee Minimum Wage Had To Go

You heard it here first, a full hour before any other publication, and it’s now been confirmed that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has scrapped the minimum wage for trainee solicitors. The good news for current LPC students is that, firstly, the change won’t come into force until August 2014, and, secondly, trainees will still… Read more »

PODCAST: Scrap Trainee Minimum Salary And ‘Only The Rich’ Will Become Solicitors, Says Junior Lawyers Division Chief

The minimum trainee salary debate is developing into quite a fight – with the latest blow landed yesterday by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) when it released findings claiming that 70% of law firms which don’t hire trainees would “seriously consider” doing so if the minimum salary was scrapped. Upon hearing this, committee members of… Read more »

If You Put Trainee Solicitors On Housing Benefits, You Cut The Price Of Law School, Right?

Following the announcement by the Law Society that trainee solicitors on housing benefit is “not the type of image that benefits the profession”, Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge and Bircham Dyson Bell lawyer Kevin Poulter discuss the wisdom of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) proposal to abandon the minimum trainee salary and pay rookie solicitors… Read more »

Trainee Solicitors: Heading Downmarket?

The Law Society has said that trainee solicitors on housing benefit is “not the type of image that benefits the profession”. The announcement is the latest chapter in the ongoing Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) consultation on scrapping the trainee minimum salary which could see wages drop to just £2.60 an hour.

REVEALED: £30K Buys a TC, £9K a Paralegal Post

Earlier this month, Jonathan Fagan, managing director of Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment, received an email from a graduate who’d been invited to interview for a paralegal job at a law firm. According to Fagan, the graduate had, in advance, been informed that she had to pay £9,000 to be considered for this role and wanted to… Read more »

Minimum Trainee Solicitor Salary May Be Scrapped – Will Minimum Pupillage Award Be Next?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has said there’s no regulatory justification for retaining the 30-year-old policy of minimum salaries for trainee solicitors. For legal geeks, the detail is explained nicely on LegalFutures. To summarise the practicalities: the scrapping of the minimum pay rule – currently £18,590 in central London and £16,650 elsewhere – would leave… Read more »

Accutrainee Chief Hits Back at Critics

Follow @Accutrainee Founder of new cut-price training contract scheme responds to recent criticism from Legal Cheek’s Alex Aldridge and Flora Duguid No doubt the new Accutrainee legal training model won’t be right for everyone. But contrary to the opinions expressed by a number of blogs and articles, it can deliver many benefits to both firms… Read more »


Follow @flo_duguid Law graduate Flora Duguid isn’t impressed by the new solicitor training scheme Accutrainee The more I think about Acculaw (or Accutrainee as the new training scheme for wannabe lawyers was recently re-branded), the more it reminds me of a pair of Jimmy Choos in a charity shop. Both look fantastic at first sight,… Read more »


Follow @pondcat First, the bar’s awful ‘Pupillage Portal’; now the solicitors’ regulator has run into criticism for its handling of students’ online registrations. Cat Pond investigates A key obligation of the wannabe solicitor is the requirement that they register with the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA). Strict deadlines are enforced and the nervous Legal Practice Course… Read more »