Weil dishes out £8k Covid bonuses to NQ lawyers

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Extra cash for trainees and associates too

The London office of US outfit Weil Gotshal has joined the Covid bonus bandwagon with newly qualified (NQ) lawyers set to receive a cash thank you of just under £8,000.

The bonus is equivalent to 6% of an NQ’s salary, which Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows sits at a very sizeable £133,000. Year one trainees will receive a £3,000 bonus for their lockdown efforts, while their year two counterparts collect £3,300 — again 6% of salary.

Legal Cheek understands the bonuses step up to 8% and 14% for those associates with one and two years post-qualification experience (PQE), then the ranges are 17%, 18% and 19% at other PQEs. Bonuses will be paid part this month and part in December.

The news comes some three months after Weil splashed the thank you cash across its US offices, with lawyers receiving payouts of between $12,000 (£8,500) and $64,000 ($45,300), depending on experience.

The 2021 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Other US firms to offer similar levels of cash to their City associates include Akin Gump, Davis Polk, Goodwin Procter, Milbank (which sparked another MoneyLaw pay war last week), Paul Hastings, Quinn Emanuel, Simpson Thatcher and Skadden.

A whole bunch of UK headquartered law firms have dished out Covid bonuses too — albeit not to the same extent as their US competitors.

Magic circle foursome Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Linklaters and Slaughter and May, among others, provided awards of 5% of salary, while national player Shoosmiths dug a little deeper and and said thank you with a 7.7% bonus.

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PE World

One of the top PE/LevFin outfits. Well done and indicative of their performance and results.

Obviously you are going to toil away at this shop but it’s well repaid! Reputation and market standing of Kirkland but a more contained size.


tired bill

Can you not find any more interesting stories to write about. The endless salary war stuff is getting boring. Yay for the Weil NQs I’m sure we’re all very jealous of them and desperate to work there 🙄

a more interesting story for you to rip off:



I came to the site after seeing that ft article in the hope of another platform for my work/life clichés but no luck. I would like to hear from prospective students about the policy. Surely a firm that offers to freeze your eggs so you can bill more hours is offputting?


Why is it offputting?

Google and Facebook both have this policy. It is no secret that children are the biggest barrier for women trying to make it in the upper reaches of financial careers. If women want a high powered corporate career, then these are the policies that are going to make the biggest difference. One cannot argue that women should be equally represented in office environments, then reject policies that will do exactly that.


Still bored.

“ I would like to hear from prospective students about the policy.”

Of course you do. Only people who have not yet been educated would give you the time of day.


go away

It appears that we have found Pomp O’Citys alt, but without any wit!


tired bill

That article would have prompted a far more interesting discussion than whatever goes on in these repetitive US firm salary articles. And it’s always nice to have a change of subject matter – salaries, Kim Kardashian and WFH get boring real quick.

I wonder what kind of issues have led you to trying to be edgy and passive aggressive on Legal Cheek at midday on a Monday. Do you get a kick out of trying to be unpleasant? Is everything okay?



The big dogs like talking about our phat wads. You might be more suited to the comments section of any “_DoesLaw” student blog you can find on Instagram. They offer very helpful advice on how to secure training contracts at firms like Irwin Mitchell and Osborne Clarke.



yeah sorry that was a typo. I mixed prospective trainees with students applying for TCs in my mind.


Wanna know how I know you work at CMS?

I wonder what kind of people don’t like talking about how much they earn…


CMS Trainee

Banter US firm – doesn’t really stack up against the K&Es, Skaddens, Milbanks, Lathams and DLA Pipers of the market.



Yawn. Back to your cage, broiler.


CMS Trainee

No, u.



Okay, sorry.





NRF Associate

It does stack up against NRF though – in fact I’d say MRF is the superior US firm when it comes to shipping and aviation finance.


NRF Associate




Literally nobody cares about shipping and aviation. The fact you think it’s relevant proves NRF is on the same level as Stephenson Harwood


Hopes and Chardonnay

Weil? Is that the German BTEC version of Ropes?



Weil lawyers earn more than Ropes and is ranked higher so don’t really see the relevance to discredit them



If you know, you know.



Please sir, may I have some more…monies?


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