Addleshaw Goddard boosts London NQ lawyer pay to £82,000

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Rises in regions and Scotland too

Addleshaw Goddard has become the latest City law firm to throw extra cash at its junior lawyer talent, with newly qualified (NQ) rates in London enjoying a 9% uplift to £82,000. Previously NQs in London received a salary of £75,000.

There’s rises in the regions too. Junior lawyers in Manchester and Leeds will now earn £50,000, while their counterparts in Scotland will receive £47,000 — rises of 11% across the board.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List puts AG’s London lot on the same levels of cash as their opposite numbers at Eversheds Sutherland (£82k) and just behind those at Norton Rose Fulbright (£85k).

Trainee pay in London remains unchanged at £40,000 in year one and £43,000 in year two.

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The cash injection comes just weeks after the firm recorded solid financial results, with revenue rising 12% to £321 million and profit per equity partner (PEP) hitting £849,000, an uplift of roughly 25%.

Other UK-headquartered firms to up junior lawyer rates in recent weeks include HFW (11% to £73.5k), Taylor Wessing (5% to £81,000) and Travers Smith (6% to £90,000).

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SPB slave

What about our NQ raise, SPB?

I’m so hungry. Yesterday I boiled my last pair of leather shoes and mixed it with shredded office paper to make a thin gruel.

I now have to wear old copies of the White Book tied to my feet as rudimentary sandals.



If you still worked at SPB you’d know you had a raise



How much is it then? 😂🤡







Works at SPB

Lmao sure 😀 😀 😀



Not only are you not an SPB slave, you apparently don’t even know anyone at SPB to keep you up to date to help you impersonate them.





Good News

Dentons raised NQ to 80k and 1st/2nd year trainees to 45k/50k.


Dentons Associate

Never received that email…


Weird person

You don’t work for Dentons then.



So Dentons now pay NQs marginally more than HFW and less than supposed mid market competitors like TW, AG and CMS. I’d be annoyed.



Have CMS cut NQ salaries?! I thought they upped to £82k recently



What about the salary raise at Stewarts? They’re now paying phat whack.


Curious Clive

How much???



Stewarts is a glorified high street firm. Most of its revenue comes from personal injury work. Avoid.



They apparently have in excess of 100 paralegals toiling away in the London office, charged out at £90/h.

With gearing like that, its little wonder the margins are phat and the partners are packing stacks.



Yes, the partners at Stewarts earn money out of all proportion to their abilities and professional standing.


Stewarts powerhouse

Surely not beyond what a firm like AG or CMS are paying, around £80k-ish?



PEP is nearly £1.5m but NQ is £53-70k depending on where you qualify.



Nice gig if you can get it. Stewarts partners sweating the assets like there’s no tomorrow and laughing all the way to the bank.



What are the salary bands post qualification for AG or other similar firms?


Pay stagnation

Has NRF moved up this year?



What about Mishcons??? £72k for a Silver Circle NQ is looking a bit stingy.



Nice troll


City sol

Mishcon is not SC. It is a West End firm.


Stop It

Mishcon is not Silver Circle.



Come on lads, have you little fisheys not learned that you don’t need to come for a nibble


The definition is not fixed. According to the Lawyer, it is silver circle.



Agreed. Mishcon is not silver circle.


MDR future trainee

Agreed!! Their PEP is over £1m too. AG less than that. Hoping they will increase it when they release their financials. Surely can’t retain their talent paying that


Feel bad for you tbh

There is no talent at Mishcon. Just leftovers and scraps from other firms.

You won’t have any prospects after you’ve trained there so there’s no need for them to incentivise you to stay.



ahhahahahahahahahaha, ‘no prospects.’
You know nothing, clearly.

You’re a typical law student with no prospects of getting a TC. Future trainees wouldn’t try and put people down for getting a very competitive training contract.

So embarrassing you feel that you have to put people down.



You didn’t go to UCL did you?

Keep trying to convince yourself

Future trainees wouldn’t try and put people down for getting a very competitive training contract?

I agree. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about competitive TCs here. It’s Mishcon lol. People like you who are desperate to hype up mediocre firms are the ones with no prospects of getting a good TC. Those of us who have already secured top-tier offers don’t mind making jokes about the mid-market.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Work for US firms


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