Kim Kardashian gives fans law school update

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‘New subjects Let’s Go!’

A screenshot of Kim K’s Instagram story

World-famous law student Kim Kardashian has revealed her latest modules in an Instagram story.

She shared the update on Sunday showing an image of a pair of folders labelled ‘CON LAW 1’ and ‘Community Property’.

The labels are likely to refer to the US constitutional law and community property modules, that latter of which is a common law concept in the US defining marital property and its division in the event of divorce.

She captioned the shot, “New subjects … let’s go!”

The media personality and businesswoman also recently attended a dinner in support of Reform Alliance, a non-profit organisation she works with which is dedicated to reforming probation, parole, and sentencing in the US.

Kim K passed the baby bar law exam in 2021, in a moment that was documented in the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Her ‘baby bar’ exam essay was later selected as a model answer for aspiring lawyers.

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Who, precisely, is a fan of this vacuous woman?



At least she is doing something with her law degree useful to society, like engaging in efforts to reform the American justice system. With her fame, any attention she brings to the subject makes a meaningful impact.


Legal Officer With A 2.ii

Literally, what EXACTLY does Kim Kardashian do to try and ‘reform the American justice system’?

Does she publish papers? Do pro bono work?? Sit on law reform committees? Speak to the Senate?

Tell me. I’d love to know!




Insolvent Trainee

Cool, privileged law student begins a new semester of law school. Big news that will surely shake the legal market.


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