KCL law student livens up legal cases with TikTok revision clips

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By Rhys Duncan on

Scrolling = studying

It’s no secret that in the small gaps between telling their friends that that they study law and that it’s actually the hardest degree you can do, law students are known for loving a bit of TikTok.

Whether it’s watching a day in the life video, a criminal solicitor driving a lambo, or a judge lip-syncing rap songs, law students can’t seem to get enough of it.

In steps budding solicitor Annabel Field, taking to the platform to offer fellow learners some revision help. Currently completing her postgrad qualifications at King’s College London, Field posts reenactments of key cases to help viewers remember the relevant facts and principles, something that she found useful for her own exams.

“I was struggling to remember all the cases for my exams and found that they were a lot more memorable if I knew the facts of the case as well as the principles” she tells Legal Cheek. “I found acting out cases / explaining them was a great way of making sure I understood what the cases actually were and what they meant.”

And, whatever your preferred brand of ginger beer, there are reenactments ready and waiting for you…

For those wishing they’d been taught more tort:

@annakbek Trying to finish all the basic cases 💅🏻💅🏻🫡🫡 #law #lawstudent #fyp #study #lawrevision #tortlaw #alevellaw #pgdip ♬ original sound – Annabell

One for the contract connoisseur:

@annakbek Rip the coat tho #law #revision #alevel #uni #lawstudent #fyp ♬ original sound – Annabell

Land lovers:

@annakbek Help why does my nose look so weird in this #law #equity #lawstudent #study #revision ♬ original sound – Annabell

And finally, a classic…

@annakbek Such a classic (please be aware this is an old case to establish duty of care please refer to other cases such as robinson v west yorkshire for modern examples) #law #tortlaw #lawstudent #revision #legalcases ♬ original sound – Annabell

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