The must-follow lawfluencers for 2024

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By Sophie Dillon on

Spice up your feed with these social media pros 🔥

‘Lawfluencers’ are bringing the law to the people. Whether it’s application tips or days-in-the-life Reels, these online stars are taking legal socials by storm.

To help refresh and brighten up your scrolling sessions, we’ve picked out a selection of the lawfluencers creating unique and original legal content on social media in 2024.

Check out the full list below 🤳👇

Mary-Grace Olu

Bio: LSE grad and Clifford Chance trainee Mary-Grace Olu shares hilarious satirical TikToks of uni students across the UK alongside tips for law students and aspiring solicitors.

Platform: TikTok

Username: @marygraceolu

Follower count: 93.2K

@marygraceolu Replying to @𝑪𝒂𝒎𝒔 WHAT OTHER UNIS DO YALL WANTTTTT SKSKSKSKSK #manchester #university #uni #student #study #lse #kcl #kings #kingscollegelondon #oxford #cambridge #alevels #resultsday #gapyear #manchestermet #oxbridge #russellgroup #college ♬ original sound – Marygraceolu👩🏽‍⚖️🇬🇧👱🏾‍♀️

Mia Siddique

Bio: Solicitor at Womble Bond Dickinson, Mia Siddique shares everything from her day-in-the-life as a corporate lawyer to commercial awareness and careers tips.

Platform: Instagram, TikTok

Username: @legallypossible (Insta), @legallypossible (TikTok)

Follower count: 17.2K (Insta), 15.3K (TikTok)


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Ali Obeid

Bio: White & Case trainee Ali Obeid regularly vlogs about his life and shares tips on university applications as well as productivity hacks.

Platform: TikTok, YouTube

Username: @aliobeid_1 (TikTok), @AliObeid_1 (YouTube)

Follower count: 145.3k (TikTok), 16.6K (YouTube)

@aliobeid_1 How much you spending bigman? 🤔💼 oh yeah, that YT vid? ITS LIT, check it out #traineelawyer #lawyer #corporate #law ♬ original sound – Ali Obeid

Charley-Travis Brennan

Bio: Up and coming on the TikTok scene is Charley-Travis Brennan, a trainee at Irwin Mitchell. He shares his key tips on getting a training contract, tackling applications and commercial awareness.

Platform: TikTok

Username: @ctbrennlaw

Follower count: 5.1K

@ctbrennlaw Replying to @Daisy why I wanted to become a Lawyer #law #lawyer #legal #lawschool #lawstudent #lawfirm ♬ الصوت الأصلي – THE_MILLIONAIRE_SUCCESSFUL

Amelia Platton

Bio: Trainee at Clifford Chance, Amelia takes to Instagram (and TikTok) to share her experiences as a neurodivergent person entering the world of corporate law. As an autistic and dispraxic trainee, her platform, the ND Lawyer Project, provides everything from her personal experiences as a neurodivergent trainee to widening awareness of neurodivergence in the legal profession.

Platform: Instagram, TikTok

Username: @ndlawyerproject (Insta), @ndlawyerproject (TikTok)

Follower count: 20.1K (Insta), 2K (TikTok)

Maab Saifeldin

Bio: Maab Saifeldin, an in-house trainee solicitor and a black practising Muslim, uses her Instagram page to capture her legal journey. She gives aspiring solicitors her advice on topics such as emotional resilience, mental health, and being underrepresented in the legal sector.

Platform: Instagram

Username: @lifewithmaab

Follower count: 11.6K

Megan Hulme

Bio: Mishcon de Reya solicitor Megan Hulme provides free advice and application tips for those aiming to get a training contract in the UK.

Platform: Instagram

Username: @itsallhearsay

Follower count: 11.2K

Vera Mayzel

Bio: A trainee at Hogan Lovells, Vera Mayzel takes to Instagram to share aesthetic POV reels interspersed with case studies on different practice areas.

Platform: Instagram

Username: @legallyvera

Follower count: 23.7K


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Farzana Abdullah

Bio: Founder of the Muslim Lawyers Hub and trainee at Clyde & Co, Farzana Abdullah takes to Instagram and LinkedIn to share current legal trends, application deadlines and how to conquer revision as a law student.

Platform: LinkedIn, Instagram

Username: Farzana Abdullah (LinkedIn), @muslimlawyershub (Insta)

Follower count: 4.5K (LinkedIn), 3.4K (Insta)

‘That corporate lawyer’

Bio: This corporate TikTok’er — real name Henry Nelson-Case — is best known for his light-hearted posts about legal life. A much needed laugh for exhausted lawyers everywhere.

Platform: TikTok

Username: @thatcorporatelawyer

Follower count: 84.4K

@thatcorporatelawyer IN A ✨MEETING✨ 💁🏼‍♂️ #corporate #millennial #9to5 #workfromhome #workfromhomejokes #workfromhomelife #workfromhomecomedy #wfh #officejokes #officecomedy #officehumor #officelife #workjokes #workcomedy #worklife #relatable #workhumor #fyp #trending #funny #comedy ♬ Microsoft teams remix by candy moore – Candy Moore

Liam Porritt

Bio: Clifford Chance lawyer and vlogger Liam Porritt uses his YouTube channel to provide lifestyle hacks, careers advice and productivity tips.

Platform: YouTube

Username: @liam.porritt

Follower count: 246K

Paul Gascoyne

Bio: Senior recruitment manager at Shearman & Sterling, Paul Gascoyne is fast becoming a LinkedInfluencer, using his LinkedIn platform to share useful application tips for aspiring lawyers.

Platform: LinkedIn

Username: Paul Gascoyne

Follower count: 12.5K

Annabel Field

Bio: Up and coming TikTok sensation, Annabel Field, ingeniously takes to the platform to provide hilarious clips of her acting out case law. Very useful content for those wanting a quick giggle whilst doing their law revision!

Platform: TikTok

Username: @annabek

Follower count: 10.6k

@annakbek #crime #criminallaw #law #lawstudent #revision #alevel #uni ♬ original sound – Annabell

Tomas McCabe

Bio: Future pupil barrister at Hailsham Chambers, heads to his own virtual newsroom on TikTok to give his audience the downlow on the latest headlines. His most watched clip sees him analyse whether Ross and Rachel from Friends were really on a break.

Platform: TikTok

Username: @imtomasmccabe

Follower count: 127.1K

@imtomasmccabe Do you think they were on a BREAK?? #friends #relationship #rossandrachel #relationshipadvice ♬ original sound – Tomas McCabe

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