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Legal Entrepreneurs Podcast: There’s a lot of excitement and freedom to running your own show

Goodwill can come your way if you start your own business, says Legal Cheek founder Alex Aldridge

Dec 20 2018 8:42am

Lawyers who ‘daydream about another life’ are in the wrong job

Dana Denis-Smith on her journey from Linklaters lawyer to founder of a multi-million pound company

Dec 7 2018 8:52am

Why I quit Mishcon to launch my own law firm

There’s no reason why lawyers shouldn’t be successful entrepreneurs, Brandsmiths founder Adam Morallee tells Reviewed & Cleared's David Burgess

Nov 19 2018 1:52pm

Legal Entrepreneurs: How a Schillings trainee made it to The Independent — and then quit to start his own media law firm

Reviewed & Cleared CEO David Burgess shares what led him to leave his high-flying job and run a business

Nov 8 2018 3:18pm

Legal Entrepreneurs: How I used my lawyer skills to start my own consultancy firm

Media specialist Nicola Hartley shares her journey and the things she learnt along the way

Oct 31 2018 12:45pm

Why one lawyer quit the daily grind to launch his own tech company

The law has a habit of inhibiting entrepreneurship, says Lexoo founder and CEO Daniel Van Binsbergen, as he speaks to fellow legal entrepreneur David Burgess, the founder of Reviewed & Cleared

Oct 23 2018 8:56am

Legal Entrepreneurs: How I started my own reputation law firm

Media lawyer Matt Himsworth opens up about the freedom running your own business can bring

Oct 16 2018 9:02am