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How ‘Statement’ Can Male Lawyers Be With Their Choice Of Footwear?

As Christian Louboutin prepares to open a new dedicated men’s footwear store on London’s Dover Street, a City lawyer found himself quoted in the Financial Times last week as part of an article about men showing greater daring in their choice of footwear, writes Legal Cheek’s sartorial advice guru Auntie Em(ily Jupp). Here’s the quote:… Read more »

How To Face Down Dirty Tactics During a Vac Scheme

Over the weekend, ‘The Budding Lawyer’ wrote of the dirty tactics he had fallen victim to during his recent vac scheme. Here’s the gist of what happened: The Budding Lawyer tells a fellow vac-schemer that he finds the trainee he has been assigned to “boring”. Later, during a schmooze and drinks session, The Budding Lawyer… Read more »

‘Does Grindr Count As An Extra-Curricular Activity?’

The other day, desperate for something memorable to put in the gaping ‘outside interests’ section of his training contract application form, law student @MoykeG tweeted: “Does Grindr count as an extra-curricular activity?” With the TC application deadline upon us today, Auntie Em (aka Emily Jupp) advises: Dear Moyke, I have asked some friends about this… Read more »

Can One Fart in The Ladies at Work? Auntie Em Advises…

Dear Auntie Em, This one is a little bit embarrassing, I’m afraid. Okay, so let’s get straight to the point. I have a slight issue with trapped wind that is affecting me at work. My question is: how acceptable is it to relieve myself of the wind in the ladies at work? You see, I’m… Read more »

‘I WANT TO NET A STUNNER, 25, TOO!’ Auntie Em Advises…

Dear Auntie Em, I read with great interest your piece dated 6 February, ‘Barrister, 40: How I Netted Stunner, 25′. As it happens, I’m 40 myself, a barrister, and, since the breakdown of my relationship two years ago, single. Despite re-reading the aforementioned article a number of times, I’m still not clear how the barrister… Read more »


Follow @emilyjupp Dear Auntie Em, I’m a male first year trainee solicitor at a large law firm in the City of London. My problem is that I really fancy (and possibly even may be in love with) one of my fellow trainees. We’re mates, and I know she’s single too. Ordinarily, I’d ask her out…. Read more »