Google search results for law schools skyrocket after Kim K posts study snap

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1250% increase

She’s one of the most powerful influencers on social media, sharing iconic looks in fashion and make-up, and now it seems Kim Kardashian holds sway over education.

Analysis of Google search data reveals a 1250% increase in people searching for top law schools, only two days after the socialite posted a photo on Instagram of her studying for law school, captioning it: “so it begins”.

Credit: @kimkardashian (Instagram)

Kardashian has resumed her studies after passing the California ‘baby bar’ exam on her fourth attempt back in December. Now a step closer to her lawyer dream, mum-of-four Kardashian is preparing to sit the main bar exam later this year.

Pictured studying civil litigation whilst taking part in a Zoom seminar and surrounded by yellow notepaper with the words “Kim is my lawyer” on the note-head, Kardashian updated her 287 million followers on the photo-sharing app. A neat explainer for civil litigation reads: “How do I drag your ass into court and sue for money!”

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Education search platform Erudera, who conducted the analysis, said: “From the beginning, when she decided to study law, searches for law school-related phrases have had a massive increase.”

A search with the words “Kim Kardashian law” throws out around 1,400 searches a month, the website said. Overall, Kardashian is said to have about 7.1 million monthly searches.

And when she revealed she’d passed the baby bar, searches for “baby bar exam” blew up by 9900% on the same day, according to the website.

The reality TV star regularly keeps fans updated on her law school journey; from pairing tequila with torts to studying whilst sunbathing in a bikini.

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Does Kim is my Lawyer LLP offer TC’s? Asking for a friend.


Can Ye see what Im gettin at.....

7.1m saddos who have nothing else better in their lives than to fawn over someone with no particular talent for anything. What a sad state of affairs life in the 21st century is………



And your talents are…? I’ll wait. At least Kim is smart enough to be a talented business owner, millionaire mother and style icon, not sit around complaining anonymously on a legal website. Who is the loser here?



Irwin Mitchell have found their latest Associate then it seems


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