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Soon-to-be Aberdeen LLM student writes to the Prime Minister to tell her why Article 50 notification is illegal

He thinks Brexit should be ‘terminated’, at least until the UK and EU courts consider his letter

Apr 20 2017 12:14pm

City Uni law students victorious in Luxembourg Court of Justice moot

They beat fellow finalists from the Netherlands, Latvia and Sweden

Apr 5 2017 12:15pm

The 13 best Article 50 tweets, on the day it is triggered

Why wasn't Theresa May's letter delivered Olympic torch-style?

Mar 29 2017 1:24pm

Article 50 has been triggered

Theresa May has done the deed, despite confusion about its revocability

Mar 29 2017 12:27pm

House of Lords fears Brexit uncertainty is already having a detrimental impact on UK legal services

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC tells Tories to ‘urgently’ adopt interim measures to help stop this

Mar 20 2017 9:14am

EU citizens should be given ‘unrestricted access’ to UK jobs after Brexit, the Bar Council says

Bar chiefs urge negotiators to protect the free movement of people

Mar 16 2017 9:10am

What will Brexit mean for the energy sector?

It looks like Brexit means departure from the European common nuclear market too

Mar 6 2017 1:17pm

Gina Miller’s barrister Lord Pannick QC votes AGAINST Brexit Bill

But was he the only lawyer to defy the House of Commons?

Mar 2 2017 11:19am

Supreme Court rules the ‘anti-love law’ does not breach human rights

If you want your foreign spouse to live with you in the UK, you better have a high-paying job

Feb 22 2017 10:47am

Lawyers urge EU to refuse trade deal with UK unless it remains a member of the ECHR

The threat of a post-Brexit ‘human rights crisis’ looms

Feb 21 2017 2:04pm

The Supreme Court’s Brexit ruling is not the victory Gina Miller thinks it is

It just shows the constitution needs an overhaul, badly

Feb 7 2017 1:46pm

Brexit: High Court REFUSES to hear single market challenge

Article 127 is not the new Article 50 after all

Feb 3 2017 4:31pm

Brexit’s Great Repeal Bill is a never-attempted ‘massive problem’: is Oxbridge prof stating the obvious to Lords’ committee?

There was also a lot of talk about Henry VIII clauses and Acquis Communautaire

Feb 3 2017 10:37am

We spoke to Baroness Helena Kennedy QC about Brexit

She chairs the House of Lords’ EU Justice committee, and she thinks we’re living through “an ugly period”

Feb 2 2017 10:11am

Happy birthday to the Legal Cheek Journal!

As it celebrates turning one, we count down the ten best contributions to our legal affairs hub

Jan 31 2017 10:32am

Gina Miller warned she’ll be the ‘next Jo Cox’ as she admits she doesn’t use public transport and has panic buttons in her home

Reveals concerns about safety in same week parliament will debate Article 50 bill

Jan 30 2017 12:44pm

Brexit: Why law students are less likely to be offered training contracts

How the referendum result will impact the legal market, and what law firms can do about it

Jan 17 2017 9:43am

Baker McKenzie goes on record to give its Brexit/Trump predictions, and it thinks M&A activity will ‘drop sharply’

International giant makes its forecast, as Law Society warns UK solicitors might be less desirable to US firms

Jan 16 2017 10:30am