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Why flexibility is key if the SQE is to fulfil its potential

Using QWE and online learning to make the most of the SQE's flexible approach to qualification

Nov 13 2023 9:22am
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Virtual law school launches ‘Open to All Scholarship’

Law Training Centre's new grants can be put towards a range of law courses, including SQE

Jul 31 2023 10:36am
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SQE prep provider launches law course with built in qualifying work experience

Law Training Centre offers aspiring lawyers chance to tackle real legal cases

Nov 28 2022 11:09am
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SQE prep provider launches £50k social mobility scholarship fund

Law Training Centre's 'Access to Law' scheme enables candidates to complete part one prep course for just £950

Oct 27 2021 10:28am

7 answers to common SQE questions

Law Training Centre tackles some of your super-exam queries, ahead of tomorrow's official roll-out

Aug 31 2021 12:56pm
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10 things students should know about the SQE

With the new regime in force next week, Edinburgh University student Ciara Fitzgerald sums up the key changes ahead

Aug 23 2021 12:04pm

SQE training provider reveals £6k online prep course

Law Training Centre's combined cost with exam fees is just over £10k

Mar 17 2021 10:48am

Legal training provider reveals £2,890 SQE1 online prep course

Law Training Centre enters super-exam training market

Jan 5 2021 11:44am