What Mediaeval animal trials can teach us about AI and the law

Future magic circle trainee William Holmes unlocks the method in 'Mediaeval madness'

Jul 21 2020 11:12am

The relationship between law schools and tech in a post-COVID world

Quality of education must remain high if unis are to remain competitive, argues De Montfort lecturer Brett Koenig

May 22 2020 12:40pm

The technological disruption facing law firms in the wake of the pandemic

Times of necessity have rocketed innovative practices into daily life a lot sooner than many expected

May 5 2020 10:28am

Who is responsible for our data and how do we get it back?

Data controllers have weaponised consent by using privacy policies written in legalese and dark patterns to hide privacy-protecting options, argues St Andrews PhD student Janis Wong

Apr 29 2020 12:04pm

The Great British ‘internexit’ from the EU

Brexit marks a turning-point in internet regulation in the UK -- future magic circle trainee William Holmes explains why

Apr 21 2020 10:55am

502 Bad Gateway: Rebooting smart contracts

LSE law student Alicia Lim explains how smart contracts worsen existing power dynamics between contracting parties

Apr 15 2020 2:04pm

Facebook’s cryptocurrency and the regulatory challenges ahead

Joshua Prior, a law graduate from the University of Exeter, takes a look at the social media giant's latest venture -- Libra

Oct 29 2019 1:38pm

‘Big Tech’ and competition law explained

Herbert Smith Freehills trainee solicitor Patrick Todd provides an overview on some of the key issues

Oct 15 2019 10:48am

The emergence of artificial intelligence in the retail sector

Self-learning algorithms, chatbots, magic mirrors and robotic shop assistants -- the future of retail is looking smart

Feb 26 2019 3:17pm
Artificial intelligence

The coming of the age of AI in the law

Man must still be master of the machine, says Singapore Management University law student Soh Kian Peng

Jan 9 2019 10:16am

Is blockchain the future of solving human rights issues?

It can be used for much more than making tech-savvy people rich, says Queen Mary law grad Fanny Ferencz

Nov 14 2018 11:07am
lawyers AI robots

Can AI be criminally accountable?

Ex-human rights practitioner Theo Richardson-Gool examines the problems posed by autonomous machines

Nov 2 2018 2:25pm

What does artificial intelligence look like?

Imperial physics grad Nishant Prasad explains what an artificial neural network is and what it does

Oct 23 2018 10:37am

A lawyer’s guide to blockchain

Osborne Clarke's Mark Taylor helps us to understand the technology behind blockchain, how it’s changing business, and what legal challenges it presents

Aug 6 2018 1:02pm

Resting in peace? How we need to regulate the industry which thrives on your afterlife

What happens to your Facebook page after you die? Should someone be able to faceswap a photo of you as a corpse and post it on Snapchat?

Jul 17 2018 10:58am

Protecting data caught in the ‘dragnets’ of Facebook

Future trainee Wilkie Hollens explores why protecting data matters in an era when it's 'increasingly likely' we'll begin falling in love with our computers

Jul 2 2018 1:38pm

The final countdown to GDPR compliance begins

Womble Bond Dickinson's data protection team explains the key points of the big legislative change of 2018

Feb 15 2018 3:15pm

How young people see the abolition of net neutrality

Free competition between websites is an illusion already

Jan 22 2018 2:29pm

Why law might soon be outsourced to computers

We're at a stage where Amazon Echo is a witness in a murder trial

Jul 28 2017 10:41am

Voice-activated advertisements: Should we be worried or are they the next big marketing scheme?

Burger King PR genius or criminal actions? Ryan Gaskell speculates in his shortlisted entry to the BARBRI International Cyber Crime Blogging Prize Competition

Jun 26 2017 10:31am