Cambridge University

Law students among the most mentally stable of undergraduates at top uni

A survey of Cambridge University undergraduates’ mental health has, comfortingly for the future of the legal profession, found law students to be in relatively fine psychological shape. Aside from engineers, law students experience the least depression of any undergraduate at the elite institution, with lawyers of the future also suffering lower than average incidences of… Read more »

Cambridge Academic: Corporate Law Firms Need Less Top Graduates And More Loyal Grafters With Low Ambitions

At a time when the legal services market is “going through the most tremendous upheaval that it has ever experienced”, Cambridge University management fellow Tim Bellis has come up with an interesting theory. He reckons corporate law firms may have to start hiring B-list graduates with a glass-half-full attitude in order to stay competitive… Bellis’… Read more »

Survival Tips For Baby Barristers At The Publicly Funded Bar

Last week, David Cameron’s former chief-of-staff, Alex Deane, explained to Legal Cheek why he tired of the genteel poverty of the criminal Bar – and eventually quit. Will things work out differently for this week’s guest, 2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings pupil barrister Stephanie Wookey (pictured), who joins Bircham Dyson Bell solicitor Kevin Poulter (pictured) and… Read more »

PODCAST: Laying Down On a Bed Of Norton Roses

Success can turn on the smallest of things. Cambridge graduate Marta Sanchez (pictured left) completed her LPC in 2008 having narrowly missed out on a training contract at a magic circle law firm. Then Lehman Brothers collapsed, the TC market dried up and Sanchez ended up working as a maid for Bircham Dyson Bell solicitor… Read more »

Killing Time In Pre-Pupillage Purgatory

Pupillage-less prospective barrister Jack Smith is wary of forking out yet more cash on a masters, but daunted by the challenge of landing quality interim legal employment in a difficult market With only a few exams and assessments before the end of the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), thoughts have turned recently to what the… Read more »

How Would Stephen Hawking Have Fared as a City Lawyer?

Follow @legalaware The professor’s arrival would have delighted a corporate law firm PR team, but management may have been less enthusiastic, writes LegalAware Unfortunately, Professor Stephen Hawking was too unwell to attend his 70th birthday celebration at Cambridge University last week, but a recorded version of his speech made for interesting listening. In it, the… Read more »