Tooks QC Distances Himself From Colleagues’ ‘Ground Breaking’ How-To-Get-A-Pupillage Money Making Venture – But Mansfield Still Scheduled To Speak

On Friday we revealed that the directors of the company behind an event charging wannabe barristers for pupillage application advice are Tooks Chambers barristers Naeem Mian and Sultana Tafadar. Not keen to be associated with such behaviour, one of Tooks’ star silks, Hugh Southey QC, today took to Twitter with the aim of distancing himself… Read more »

Meet The ‘UK’s Top Barrister’…

The website TopCriminalQC.co.uk seems like a spoof. But Michael Wolkind QC’s chambers, 2 Bedford Row, have confirmed (with a weary sigh) that it’s real… TopCriminalQC.co.uk‘s highlights include: A further boast, in addition to the “UK’s top barrister” claim, that Wolkind is “widely recognised as the UK’s top criminal trial barrister and top criminal appeals barrister”…. Read more »

Michael Mansfield: Women ‘Seriously Underrepresented’ In Parliament (No. Of Female QCs In Mansfield’s Chambers: 0)

“The House of Commons is not representative of the electorate,” began a high-minded letter in yesterday’s Guardian. The missive, whose signatories included Michael Mansfield QC, John Cavanagh QC, Sean Jones QC and Robin Allen QC, continued: “The House of Commons has 650 MPs. Of these 650, there are 504 male MPs, so women are seriously… Read more »

Lawyer Etiquette: Is It OK To Be Photographed Barefoot?

On Monday, I ran a story about the dad of Hugo from Made in Chelsea, who is SJ Berwin solicitor-advocate Tim Taylor QC. Judging by an interview Taylor senior did with his firm’s in-house magazine, in which he boasted of his ability to balance a glass of Chablis on his forehead and drink it without… Read more »

David ‘Scrap The QC System’ Wolfe QC Is STILL Fuming

Rule one of PR: you can’t shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. Unfortunately, nobody told this to Matrix Chambers’ newly appointed silk David Wolfe QC. Wolfe’s PR troubles began on 2 March, just after the QC awards were made, when Ashurst partner Piers Warburton posted onto his website a story about the… Read more »

City Lawyers Go After David Wolfe QC

RollOnFriday’s story about newly appointed silk David Wolfe QC (pictured) signing a letter in 2003 calling for the QC system to be abolished was a good one. But it didn’t feel quite right. Having described the system as “elitist” and “an opportunity to add another zero to your brief fee”, RollOnFriday – which is 50% owned… Read more »

Becoming a QC: Easy as £4,200 inc VAT

The congratulations email received by today’s new QCs comes with…a bill for £4,200 (inclusive of VAT), plus a £215 ‘Letters Patent Fee’, taking the total sum payable by the legal hotshots to a cool £4,415. And when’s it due? ‘Immediately’. A copy of the email is below.

Who Are You Calling a Paralegal?

The title of non-practising barrister needs to be given more weight to reflect Bar school graduates’ educational achievements, argues OccupyTheInns In his Legal Cheek article last week Simon Myerson QC referred to me as an “anonymous paralegal”. This was saddening because Mr Myerson – whose work I had hitherto regarded with the upmost respect –… Read more »

Top QC Blasts The Times’ Cycling Campaign

Cycling-mad barrister Martin Porter QC has rounded on a safe cycling campaign launched by The Times in response to a serious injury suffered by one of its reporters. Porter (pictured), who was recently in the news for helping to get a motorist convicted for abusing him while on his bike, has “concerns about the way… Read more »