TikToking future magic circle trainee documents life as ‘British uni version of Elle Woods’

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Lucy has amassed nearly 40k followers

Durham law student Lucy Sallows — aka @legallylucy

Durham law student and future Magic Circle trainee Lucy Sallows (@legallylucy) is the most recent TikTok-ing TC holder to share her law school journey with almost 40,000 followers.

“I created my account during the first lockdown and began by giving A Level and GCSE advice. As a year 13 student who had their A Levels cancelled I felt very lost whilst staying at home — like I had no purpose — as I had nothing to work towards in the interim between school and university. So I created my TikTok to give me something to do” Lucy explained to Legal Cheek.

@legallylucy on fridays we wear pink 💓#lawyer #lawinternship #corporatelife #corporateoutfits #vacationscheme ♬ original sound – not impersonating&lt3

Since then, she has tackled student quandaries such as demystifying critical analysis, top tips for note-taking and keeping concentration levels high during a long study session. She has even done live study sessions on her account! “What has kept me going with my account is just how rewarding it feels when I get a message from someone saying I’ve helped them achieve their goals”, says Lucy.

@legallylucy #onlineexams #lawstudent #lawschool #uni ♬ Young Hearts Run Free – Candi Staton

From her own journey to getting two TC offers at Magic Circle firms to general advice about getting work experience. “My family have no connections to the legal profession so I know how closed off it can feel and have found so much help through the internet myself, so the idea that I can give people guidance who may not have known how to follow this path before and my tips to do well is very motivating”.

@legallylucy #university #alevels #gcse #workexperience ♬ original sound – Lucy

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The future Clifford Chance trainee’s success became all too apparent when her TikTok came up in a TC interview: “In one CV blind interview I was asked what I felt my biggest achievement was and I said growing my legal TikTok account and the partner asked if I was LegallyLucy as he had heard about me through his daughter”.

@legallylucy decisions decisisons… 🤔 #lawstudent #corporatelawyer #magiccirclelawfirm ♬ Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall

Indeed TikTok was a big motivation how Lucy picked her future law firm. “When choosing the firms I wanted to apply to, a big factor was if I felt I could keep pursuing and growing my TikTok account. It has become something I am so proud of and that motivates and inspires me so I definitely do not want to have to give it up”. Since then, Lucy tells us that she has been in touch with her future firm and plans to keep on documenting her career.

Lucy is not the first CC alumnus to enjoy social media success. Trainee and legal Vlogger Liam Porritt and future trainees Lucy Cole and Amelia Platton have all also shared their career journeys on various different platforms.

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