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Advice to first year law students from a second year

'The key is preparedness', writes Durham undergrad Adam Jordan, as he offers up his top tips to first year success

Jan 21 2021 9:25am

Barrister shares top 10 pupillage application tips as Gateway reopens

'Do not swallow a thesaurus', Colin Witcher advises

Dec 3 2020 10:25am

The Legal Cheek Podcast: Why failure is just a form of feedback

We sit down with private equity partner Richard Youle ?

Jun 10 2020 11:22am

99 training contract interview tips

With examples of the questions you need to know how to answer

Mar 17 2020 2:28pm

Junior barrister offers her top 15 tips to pupillage interview success

Accept it's a competition but don't sweat the small stuff, says Red Lion Chambers' Joanna Hardy

Jan 27 2020 10:51am

A law student shares his last-minute TC application pain

Face down those procrastination demons

Jul 26 2017 2:26pm

6 ways to distract law firms from disappointing first-year results

Keep calm and carry on, says first-year law student Christianah Babajide

Aug 3 2016 12:58pm

The great Legal Cheek debate: to post-grad gap year or to not post-grad gap year

Indulge your wanderlust, or get straight on the payroll? You decide

Jun 30 2016 8:58am

7 pieces of advice I’d give to my junior barrister self

City Law School pro bono director Sarwan Singh on what he's learnt on his journey from law centres and local government to academia

Jun 10 2015 3:45pm

Advice: ‘I met my conditions for Durham, but my grades are good enough for me to re-apply to Oxbridge’

Last week I received this email from an A-level student who is considering taking a...

Aug 19 2013 9:12am

Quitting a law degree because of a disappointing first year: a good idea?

Last week I got this email. My response is below. Dear Anonymous Lancaster University Student,...

Jul 23 2013 9:31am

The Guardian’s advice to this wannabe lawyer is really bad

The ‘work’ section of Saturday’s The Guardian featured a plea for help from a wannabe...

Jul 2 2013 12:51pm

How not to become a smart casualty at a law firm open day

Is smart casual a trap? A law firm “encourages” me to turn up for their...

Apr 25 2013 9:59am

Vac Scheme Application Forms: It’s All About The ‘Challenging Situation’ Question

Barrister-to-be OccupyTheInns shares his pupillage hunt wisdom with wannabe solicitors as they prepare to submit...

Jan 16 2013 11:18am

ADVICE: ‘My Writer Husband Is Demanding That I Do a Justine Thornton’

Dear Auntie Em, Since the Labour Party conference earlier this month, my husband has been...

Oct 18 2012 1:20pm

ADVICE: ‘How Can I Get a First Class Degree?’

‘Mike’, who has just begun an undergraduate law degree, wants to know what it takes...

Oct 4 2012 12:12pm

How To Face Down Dirty Tactics During a Vac Scheme

Over the weekend, ‘The Budding Lawyer’ wrote of the dirty tactics he had fallen victim...

Aug 23 2012 10:30am

‘Does Grindr Count As An Extra-Curricular Activity?’

The other day, desperate for something memorable to put in the gaping ‘outside interests’ section...

Jul 31 2012 1:04pm