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Give pupillage seekers better feedback, urge rookie barristers

Respondents to Bar Council survey also call on chambers to ditch rejection by silence

Apr 5 2022 10:19am

Revealed: The best chambers for training 2022

The results of Legal Cheek's Junior Barrister Survey are in!

Jan 19 2022 9:15am

Re-think training and support of junior barristers, says incoming bar chief

WhatsApp groups no substitute for chambers camaraderie

Dec 8 2021 10:58am

Pupil barrister numbers down nearly a third in 30 years

757 in 1991 ⤵️ 542 in 2020

Jul 28 2021 11:33am

Revealed: The chambers with the most supportive barristers 2021

From multiple virtual meet-ups to the set's most formidable silk lending a hand

Feb 5 2021 10:10am

Revealed: The best chambers for training and quality of work 2021

The results of Legal Cheek’s latest Junior Barrister Survey are in

Feb 2 2021 1:15pm

Pupil barristers take to Twitter to mark first day on the job

Social media posts come as Gateway reopens today

Jan 4 2021 11:51am

Revealed: The chambers with the most supportive barristers

From 'very active' juniors' WhatsApp groups to the most illustrious silk offering a helping hand

Mar 13 2020 8:55am

Revealed: The best chambers for training and quality of work 2020

The results from the latest Legal Cheek Junior Barrister Survey are in

Feb 4 2020 9:03am

Top barristers reveal what students need to know as they make pupillage applications

Practitioners from no less than 13 leading London sets share their insights as the Pupillage Gateway re-opens

Jan 7 2020 2:25pm

How to successfully navigate a pupillage interview

Legal Cheek Careers caught up with ULaw future pupil programme coordinator Mark Jones

Dec 4 2019 2:17pm

The 2020 Chambers Most List goes live

Barrister-to-be careers resource contains key facts and figures for over 50 sets

Oct 14 2019 10:37am

Five pupillage application form essentials

As the Pupillage Gateway re-opens, Devereux's Harry Sheehan and John Platts-Mills share five ideas to hopefully reinvigorate the process of applying for pupillage and crafting applications

Jan 11 2019 11:43am

BSB unveils radical training proposals that could spell end of 12-month pupillages

Compulsory Inns dinners may be thing of the past too, says new consultation paper

Oct 4 2017 12:40pm

Chambers Most List 2016: More money flows to the expanding Oxbridge elite

79% of rookie barristers at the top 50 chambers went to Oxford or Cambridge

Oct 7 2015 10:01am

Bar chief says young barristers ‘unable to fulfil potential’ as law reporters launch scholarship for skint pupils

Law reporting charity chips in with some cash for legal aid rookies

Oct 6 2015 11:24am

11 Stone Buildings is to fold

Big-paying commercial and chancery set announces dissolution after four barristers depart

Sep 15 2015 3:57pm

What the supervisor says Vs What the trainee hears

Junior and senior lawyers speak a different language

Jun 4 2015 11:06am