Lord Neuberger

Judicial ‘Pepsi Challenge’ fails as law students are unable to identify judges’ gender from their anonymised rulings

Durham University law students’ attempt to tell the gender of a judge on the basis of their judgment alone has yielded a success rate of just 46%. The experiment — a legal version, if you will, of the famous Pepsi Challenge (a blind Pepsi v Coke taste test) — was conducted following prompting by Supreme Court President… Read more »

Do As I Say Not As I Do Advocacy Training: Starring Lord Sumption

Last month we analysed the “smug smile” and poor posture which blight Lord Neuberger’s delivery of judgments. But the UK Supreme Court president is not the only senior judicial figure whose advocacy style strays from Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) textbook norms… As you can see below, Lord Sumption is so fidgety that it appears… Read more »

Lord Neuberger Is Trending! UK’s Top Judge Ousts Justin Bieber As Twitter’s Hottest Topic After Voicing Legal Aid Concerns

It’s not often that you get a member of the legal profession outperforming Justin Bieber on Twitter. But this morning UK Supreme Court chief Lord Neuberger achieved this impressive feat after his suggestion that legal aid cuts could undermine the rule of law sparked a wave of debate on the social network… And here, for… Read more »

What Supreme Court Justices Read In Their Spare Time…

Encouraging to see Private Eye making an appearance in the UK Supreme Court Justices’ library. Disappointingly, though, Heat was nowhere to be seen. There’s more on the Supreme Court this afternoon with an exclusive interview with Lord Neuberger’s judicial assistant, who reveals what it’s like to work for the president of the highest court in… Read more »

‘I’m Worried Having a Blog Could Repel Chambers’

King’s College law student Yi Bin Woh reckons Lord Neuberger’s recent warning to judges about the dangers of courting publicity applies to wannabe lawyers, too I won’t lie: I like blogging. Not blawging in the semi-journalistic sense. I’m referring to personal blogging. You see, I like the cathartic effect of writing with complete abandon. I… Read more »

Lord Neuberger Slams Judges For Appearing on MasterChef

Never upstage the boss. And that rule applies double when your boss is Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger, who has publicly rounded on members of the judiciary for appearing on BBC show MasterChef when it filmed an episode in Middle Temple. Muscling his way back into the spotlight with a publicity-grabbing speech to Birmingham… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 17 February

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