Freshfields retains 38 out of 41 autumn qualifying trainee solicitors

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93% result

Anglo-German giant Freshfields has posted an autumn retention score of 93%, confirming 38 of its 41 soon-to-be associates were staying put post-qualification.

Craig Montgomery, trainee development partner at the firm, said:

“We are very pleased to be keeping on a high proportion of our August 2019 qualifying intake, reflecting the firm’s continued commitment to recruiting, developing and retaining top talent.”

The firm, which takes on around 80 trainees annually, posted a spring 2019 score of 78% (32 out of 41) and an autumn 2018 result of 83% (34 out of 41).

The 2019 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

On matters of money, Legal Cheek’s Firms Most List shows the firm’s latest recruits will start on a recently improved salary of £100,000. Trainees receive £45,000 in their first year, rising to £51,000 in year two.

Clifford Chance confirmed last month it had retained 41 of its 47 qualifying trainees or 87%, while Slaughter and May revealed an impressive 93% result (37 out of 40). Linklaters posted a score of 91% (49 out of 54). Allen & Overy is the only member of the magic yet to reveal its autumn score.

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Any news on SPB’s retenton rait?


100%. They need to pay to buy their freedom.


Spelling worthy of a SPB lawyer


Boring. Can’t we just have a pinned tweet that just says “Round about 90% of trainees are retained at all city firms. Some of those not retained, were not retained as they did not want to be and got jobs at other firms instead. So which every firm you go to as a trainee it is a racing certainty that if you want a job at that firm at the end of your TC you will get one.” Would save writing the same article over and over again with just the name of the firm and the percentage changed.


Do not be so cruel. Then LC will have to fire half of its staff. This pinned twit would just replace them.


Idiot comment

Freshfields have historically posted much lower retention rates in the 70% range. Reported this was due to teething problems with moving back office stuff to manchester

This is news, sounds like they’ve fixed that problem or the 100k is too good to pass up


You might be right historically. But from the article itself: “Clifford Chance confirmed last month it had retained 41 of its 47 qualifying trainees or 87%, while Slaughter and May revealed an impressive 93% result (37 out of 40). Allen & Overy is the only member of the magic yet to reveal its autumn score.”

So the comment that every MC firm is retaining 90% or so of it’s trainees and could just be one article seems pretty valid.


Freshfields is so sweaty

Kirkland NQ

Very sweaty. Me and my PE-smashing colleagues are just shit hot – never sweaty.

Sweaty FF associate



Freshfields or Fried Frank?


Both, Fried Frank is notoriously sweaty. Decent whack tho


Fried Frank Real Estate is chilling hours with balling pay


What’s a fried Frank? My advice would be to target magic circle firms – or at least that’s all I applied to.


Any news of raises at Clyde & Co? £65k NQ is starvation level pay


Hard to up pay when you specialise is a tanking market.


How many offers?


Any idea on what’s the pay at Eversheds these days? Rumours have it they’re raising them to £80k base.

SPB Slave

Oh really? Might try and move if so.

Kirkland NQ

Raise TO £80K, not BY £80k?! What a different world they live in.


top lad


That what happen when you play in League One instead of the Premier League.


Boring news.

I don’t know about the rest of Legal Cheek’s readers, but I want to read more about that
(soon to be Magic Circle trainee) law student. I can’t remember her name though…the one who looks like Milhouse from the Simpsons?


HSF or Freshfields where do I go???

City trainee

You’re definitely a first year law student if you’re asking a question like that…


Not yet son. Gon’ get dem AAA at A-level first!


Neither, go to Greenberg Glusker if you fancy yourself as becoming a TOP TITAN.


Or Dorsey & Whitney if you wanna be smashing tippity top top PE deals, blasting lines of Bolivian snow and earning megabux

I would know, I work there oh yea baby


I thought that was Kirkland Big D!ck?


The infamous Kirkland NQ is too busy greasing up his anus for another day of savage ramming delivered by Neel’s footlong


What is a Dorsey and Whitney – sounds like a proper poke ball odd ball shop.


Dorsey pays £77k NQ, perfectly decent but hardly megabucks

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