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ShantyTok: law student edition

Legal Cheek's take on the viral vid trend

Jan 22 2021 1:50pm

‘Legally Brunette’ TikToker documents life as a UCL law student

Daniella Swinson’s amusing clips have amassed over one million likes

Jan 14 2021 9:07am

Kaplan given go-ahead to assess solicitor apprentices

Follows appointment to run SQE

May 14 2020 10:26am

Video: Law students play ‘Never have I ever’

‘My Dad’s going to see this. Sorry, Dad!’

Nov 4 2019 11:57am

10 rookie errors every first year law student must avoid

Don’t dress like a lawyer

Oct 14 2019 8:52am

Journalists in Mexico claim country’s president ‘plagiarised’ law degree dissertation

But a spokesperson for Enrique Peña Nieto suggests they were just "style errors"

Aug 23 2016 11:59am

Is Flame-Grilling Your Bridges With Burger King Because You’re Going To Law School Such A Great Idea?

Once upon a time, before a bank called Lehman Brothers collapsed plunging the world into...

Apr 17 2013 9:50am

There Has Always Been A Bar Aptitude Test – And Training To Be A Barrister Is Free For Those Who Pass It

Amid all the debate about rising Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) fees and the new...

Mar 13 2013 1:59pm

Bar Course Aptitude Test Will Cost More Than Double What Wannabe Barristers Had Been Told To Expect

Barrister hopefuls had been told that the new Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT) would cost...

Feb 20 2013 9:08am

Ex-Wannabe Lawyer Sells His Name On eBay In Bid To Pay Off Massive US Law School Debts

“If you want my first name to be ‘Bob’s Supermarket’ and my last name to...

Jan 7 2013 10:26am

‘Beautician Barrister’ Ditches BPP Law School To Do Bar Professional Training Course At Rival

Back in 2009, Essex beautician Georgina Blackwell caused a media storm when, without any legal...

Dec 19 2012 11:12am

BPP Sparks Fury As Its Official Twitter Account Ridicules David Beckham’s Reading Ability

Corporate Twitter accounts are often criticised for their blandness. But what happens when they go...

Dec 17 2012 10:12am

Jobless Law Graduate’s Online Begging Campaign To Pay Off His Student Debts Ends In Disappointment

In October we reported on a US law graduate’s bid to pay off his massive...

Dec 4 2012 10:42am

Law Student Assoc Slammed For Using ‘Disrespectful’ Image To Plug Benefits Of Networking Via Its Facebook Page

Take a school uniform-clad Hollywood star, superimpose over her the logo of your law students’...

Nov 30 2012 10:39am

EXCLUSIVE: Cottaging At The College Of Law – Bloomsbury Branch Joins Inner Temple As Cruising Hotspot

On World Toilet Day – which we urge lawyers to engage generously with – we...

Nov 19 2012 2:10pm

The Cyberbullying Perils Of Having a Wikipedia Page When You’re a Law Student

Julian Dibbell is an author and writer for Wired, The New York Times and Village...

Nov 7 2012 3:21pm

Bar Course Aptitude Test Delayed Yet Again

Legal Futures, 25 July 2012, on the introduction of the Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT):...

Nov 5 2012 5:51pm

Please, No More ‘Nietzsche And The Law’! Why Americans Are Looking Enviously At The GDL Route To Legal Qualification

In comparison to our odd system of legal education – which sprawls haphazardly from the...

Oct 23 2012 12:50pm

Law Graduate Launches Online Begging Campaign To Save Him From Living With His Parents Until He’s 40

In Britain, law graduates who have failed to secure jobs as solicitors/barristers either toil away...

Oct 2 2012 12:03pm