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Ministry of Justice signs historic online betting deal (April Fool!)

Package includes court naming rights and judges’ robe sponsorship

Apr 1 2019 7:45am

Criminal lawyers in uproar over court IT chaos

Continuing digital outage plays havoc with justice system

Jan 22 2019 2:25pm

MoJ apologises after staff described journalist as ‘crazy’ and a ‘bitch’ in internal messages

BuzzFeed’s Emily Dugan regularly reports on issues concerning legal aid, the judiciary and the courts

Jan 7 2019 12:21pm

‘Ministry of Injustice’: Lawyers hold candlelight vigil over legal aid cuts

Barristers have been refusing to take new publicly-funded cases since 1 April

Apr 19 2018 11:34am

Investigation launched after fake ‘Punish a Muslim day’ letter misusing Courts & Tribunals Service address surfaces online

HMCTS says letter encouraging people to attack Muslims 'contradicts all we stand for'

Mar 13 2018 11:01am

Better late than never: Liz Truss finally made honorary bencher of Lincoln’s Inn

Apparently one Court of Appeal judge refused to stand up

Apr 4 2017 1:04pm

Hashtag hilarity as MoJ and CPS try, and fail, to launch serious social media campaigns

Legal Twitterati couldn't help but take the p*ss

Apr 4 2017 11:49am

‘There is no incentive for junior lawyers to qualify into criminal law’, says Junior Lawyers Division

And there will be even less incentive after MoJ pay reforms

Mar 13 2017 2:23pm

Top lawyer slammed for ‘open the Moet’ tweet as government boosts injury compensation cash

Liz Truss altered the way payouts are calculated leaving insurers seething

Mar 2 2017 10:16am

Bar Council backs Liz Truss on Brexit

It’s been a good week for the Ministry of Justice ?

Jan 20 2017 1:00pm

Lady Chancellor? Theresa May appoints first female Justice Secretary

Michael Gove sacked, now meet the woman taking his place

Jul 14 2016 12:27pm

Ministry of Justice confirms 86 courts across England and Wales WILL close

Twenty-two that are set to close will be relocated to other sites

Feb 11 2016 1:54pm

Legal aid lawyers are running rings around plodding civil servants in latest cuts battle

By hiring people with no legal expertise to put its new post-cuts framework in place, the Ministry of Justice has left itself exposed

Nov 16 2015 1:45pm

Ministry of Justice slaps penniless tramps with whopping court charges to bolster coffers

The desperate monetisation of Britain’s criminal justice system

Aug 5 2015 5:20pm

Whitehall barrister takes over top mandarin slot at Ministry of Justice

Normally hostile MoJ observers offer warm greeting to ancient university-educated proponent of simplifying legislation

Jul 3 2015 2:44pm

Ministry of Justice — the sick man of Whitehall

Michael Gove arrives to find a culture of sick days and stress that is the worst of all government departments

Jun 17 2015 5:21pm