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HSF raises NQ associate salaries to £135k

Boosts for trainees too

Jul 1 2024 11:42am

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Weiss launches London training contract 

New juniors to earn market topping £180k

Jul 1 2024 9:32am

Students rate best (and worst) law firms for ‘climate accountability’

Group says lawyers should have option to reject work contributing to climate crisis

Jun 27 2024 8:54am
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How the SQE is opening up new routes to qualification in publicly funded practice areas

There are few practice areas more interesting than crime, says David Green, Academic Manager and criminal law lecturer at ULaw Birmingham

Jun 26 2024 2:45pm

‘My dream vac scheme wasn’t what I expected’

Cold partners = red flag? asks TC hopeful

Jun 24 2024 8:30am
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Watch now: everything you need to know about SQE courses

BPP’s Head of Outreach joins future trainees to discuss the key considerations when selecting a prep course

Jun 18 2024 10:49am

Suspension for senior partner who had sex on office desk

Made inappropriate comments to female colleagues

Jun 18 2024 8:26am

The best bits from the Legal Cheek-ULaw Summer 2024 Virtual Vac Scheme

A handy summary of the week’s workshops and presentations

Jun 17 2024 11:28am

The general election could see another lawyer PM. But will it make a difference to lawyers’ lives?

Polly Botsford looks at legally trained PMs of the past and the potential impact of Starmer in No.10

Jun 14 2024 8:06am
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‘My SQE journey as a non-law student with dyslexia’

ULaw student Freya Patten shares her experience of the SQE and her transition from a science grad to future lawyer

Jun 12 2024 6:53am

City law ‘drinking culture’ poses major challenge for aspiring Muslim lawyers

New report spotlights challenges facing Bangladeshi and Pakistani applicants

Jun 12 2024 6:52am

Half of lawyers want self-regulation when it comes to AI

New report highlights adoption concerns within the profession

Jun 11 2024 8:18am
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Why it’s not too late to save the SQE

Legal education godfather Professor Nigel Savage has a plan

Jun 11 2024 8:17am