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The 18 stages of the LPC

A journey through the sorrow and the joy of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) It begins with a speculative inquiry... What course should I take if I want to become a solicitor? — Imam Abdul Mazid (@mamzallen) February 12, 2013 At this stage the carefree wannabe lawyer is delightfully untroubled by burdensome realities, such... Read more »

JOB ALERT: Clinical Negligence Paralegal

From Baby Barristers: a top London law firm seeks a paralegal for its clinical negligence team. Candidates should have strong academics. LPC or BPTC graduates with previous paralegal experience are preferred, but candidates' wider qualities will be taken into account. The role will involve, amongst other things, attending meetings with trusts, the General Medical Council (GMC)... Read more »

Will It Soon Cost Nothing To Become a Lawyer?

Thanks to the trebling of undergraduate fees, the cost of legal education has reached new highs this year – with the fees for a three-year LLB, plus an LPC or BPTC, now approaching a combined £50,000. But growing numbers believe this will prove to be a blip as academics begin to offer ‘massive open online... Read more »

JOB ALERT: Criminal Paralegal

Ed note: This is the first in a regular series of job alerts we'll be running for paralegal and junior lawyer positions. From Baby Barristers: a London law firm seeks a paralegal to work on a six-month fixed-term contract in its criminal litigation team. LPC or BPTC graduates are preferred. Candidates should ideally possess a... Read more »

Please, No More ‘Nietzsche And The Law’! Why Americans Are Looking Enviously At The GDL Route To Legal Qualification

In comparison to our odd system of legal education – which sprawls haphazardly from the undergraduate law degree to the CILEX apprenticeship option, via the super-condensed GDL, multiple breeds of LPC and the career graveyard that is the BPTC – the US way of doing things is alluringly simple. In America, you can only study... Read more »

At Last, Some Good News For Jobless LPC Graduates: If You’re Convicted Of a Crime, You’ll Get a Lighter Sentence Than Other People

Last month, BPP Law School Legal Practice Course (LPC) graduate Victoria Lawson admitted stealing more than £8,000 from John Lewis, where she was working part-time having failed to net a training contract. The expectation was that 25 year-old Lawson – who stole the sizeable sum from the Peterborough branch of the store via a fake... Read more »

‘If The Firm Was a Person, How Would You Describe Them?

Now that he's finished the GDL, David Woodall finally has some time to sample the delights of law firms' training contract application forms. The GDL is over. Stressful, difficult, but worth it, hopefully... I keep telling myself that even if I’ve failed and have wasted thousands of pounds, at least I have a little legal... Read more »

An LLM Can ‘Count Against’ Training Contract Hunters

LLMs are intellectually tough, time-consuming and not all law firms like them, warns LegalAware Students often look on an LLM as something they can do to pass a year while they look for a training contract or pupillage, boosting their CVs in the process. But the reality is that a masters degree in law is... Read more »

Should Law Schools Refund Students if They Can’t Get a Job?

In a move that may interest jobless British law graduates and the bigwigs on the panel of the ongoing legal education and training review (LETR), two Yale Law School professors are championing a controversial plan to refund law school tuition fees if students fail to secure a job. Professors Akhil Amar and Ian Ayres want... Read more »

Does Studying Law Destroy Your Soul?

Until recently LPC student Cat Pond was an empathetic, liberal type, but the law has changed her... At the start of my GDL contract law course, the tutor told us to try and visualise the room and all the objects within it as connected by a web of contracts. The coffee cups sat in front... Read more »

LPC Student In ‘I HATE COLLEGE OF LAW’ Facebook Rant

The College of Law’s Facebook page is usually a happy place, where wannabe lawyers post polite queries which are promptly answered by members of the law school’s digital team. But on Wednesday there was trouble in paradise. “I HATE COLLEGE OF LAW,” wrote LPC student Jafar Jawid in angry block capitals on the page. To... Read more »

Kingsley Napley Trainee Solicitor Nets Brit Award

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, whose day job these days is as a trainee solicitor at Kingsley Napley, bagged a special prize for his contribution to music at the Brit Awards last night, alongside fellow band members Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Alex James. Rowntree (the ginger-haired one you never knew the name of, until now,... Read more »

A Letter To My 18 Year-Old Oxbridge-Hating Self

Sarah Gillbe, who skipped uni to work as a legal secretary before becoming a solicitor, would have taken a more direct route with the benefit of hindsight As an 18-year old I was often told what a good lawyer I’d be. But in fact I would have been terrible – a vexatious litigant probably. If... Read more »