Women Lawyers Earn £50K Less Than Their Male Counterparts

The average female lawyer is paid £51,396 less per year than the average male lawyer, according to a new survey. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that the survey – by legal recruiter Laurence Simons – is of just 988 predominantly fairly senior UK lawyers; 63% of which work in-house and 37% in private practice. A full… Read more »

Ex-Simmons Solicitor Who Blew £1m In Divorce Battle Against Fellow City Lawyer Pitches For Family Law Reform Role

Between them, former Simmons & Simmons associate Anna Kavanagh and her ex-husband, Holman Fenwick Willan partner Giles Kavanagh, spent almost everything they owned on a bitter dispute over the custody of their children – a story reported widely in September. Yesterday Anna told her side of the story to The Sunday Times (£). It made… Read more »

Four Reasons Why The Trainee Minimum Wage Had To Go

You heard it here first, a full hour before any other publication, and it’s now been confirmed that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has scrapped the minimum wage for trainee solicitors. The good news for current LPC students is that, firstly, the change won’t come into force until August 2014, and, secondly, trainees will still… Read more »

DLA Piper Lawyer Had Affair With Russian Spy Anna Chapman

“What first attracted you to short, balding millionaire Paul Daniels?” Mrs Merton once memorably asked the dancer Debbie McGee. Similar questions are being put to Anna Chapman (pictured left), the glamorous 30-year old Russian arrested for espionage in 2010, after it emerged that she was romantically involved with the rather less glamorous John Altorelli (pictured… Read more »

EXPLAINED: Why Kim Kardashian Wants To Date A Lawyer

This morning it emerged that Kim Kardashian is looking to go out with a lawyer. Having broken up with basketball star Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage last October, socialite Kardashian, 31, is ready to move on. “[I’m looking for] a lawyer or businessman. Something different,” she told Female First. I wasn’t surprised… Read more »

Becoming a QC: Easy as £4,200 inc VAT

The congratulations email received by today’s new QCs comes with…a bill for £4,200 (inclusive of VAT), plus a £215 ‘Letters Patent Fee’, taking the total sum payable by the legal hotshots to a cool £4,415. And when’s it due? ‘Immediately’. A copy of the email is below.

Ryanair Boss Boasts About His In-House Lawyers’ Low Pay

Ryanair’s commitment to cheapness extends to its in-house lawyers, it has emerged. In a spat with an Irish airline regulator, the airline’s chief executive Michael O’Leary (pictured) proudly revealed that he pays “fully qualified accountants, economists and lawyers less than €50,000 (£42,000) each.” O’Leary’s pay package – £1.3m in 2010 according to The Sunday Times… Read more »

Simon Myerson QC: I’d Rather Have a Coffee Than a Pupil

‘Pupils contribute nothing to chambers during their pupillage’, writes Simon Myerson QC, so paying them more than the £12K minimum makes no sense I like Legal Cheek and I like Alex Aldridge who runs it. Nonetheless, it has recently gone all tabloid on the issue of funding for pupillages, and I have told Alex so…. Read more »

Make a Difference: Sponsor a Pupil Barrister For Just £3 a Day

Andrew Jackson, a barrister at 5 Pump Court Chambers, has come up with a compelling proposal to raise the measly £12K minimum pupillage award I simply do not accept the fake hand-wringing about pupillage pay. “I wish we could pay our pupils more – they certainly deserve it!” is the typical barristers’ response when this… Read more »

#RoundMyKitchenTable: Twork Experience, Fairy Tales & City Lawyer Fat Cats

Earlier this week, law student David Woodall set out some etiquette for asking lawyers for work experience on Twitter. Podcast co-host Kevin Poulter, an employment lawyer at Bircham Dyson Bell, and Barbara Hamilton-Bruce, director of legal operations at the Accident Advice Helpline, like David’s style – but advise students against moving in for the kill… Read more »


Follow @flo_duguid Law graduate Flora Duguid isn’t impressed by the new solicitor training scheme Accutrainee The more I think about Acculaw (or Accutrainee as the new training scheme for wannabe lawyers was recently re-branded), the more it reminds me of a pair of Jimmy Choos in a charity shop. Both look fantastic at first sight,… Read more »


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek re-writes stories from other websites in 90s yoofspeak so RollonFriday doesn’t have to BARRISTERS RAKE IN THE WONGA BONGA! Wowzers! Pupil barristers are gonna be richer than Chelsea FC dudester Roman Abramovich. And he’s mega-rich!