10 Supreme stories to celebrate top UK court’s 10th birthday

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A recap of some of Legal Cheek‘s faves

Credit: Twitter – @UKSupremeCourt

Today marks the tenth birthday of the Supreme Court. Yes, that’s right, the UK’s top bench is officially a decade old — and what a decade it has been.

Since its formation in October 2009, it’s played host to some of the country’s most important constitutional cases, including the triggering of Article 50 and, more recently, the prorogation of parliament, as well as key criminal law matters such as the doctrine of joint enterprise in R v Jogee.

There’s been some lighter moments, too. A namecheck for Legal Cheek in Lord Neuberger’s valedictory ceremony, Lord Sumption’s colourful ties and Lady Hale’s eye-catching brooch collection.

To mark this significant milestone, we’ve dug through the archives at Legal Cheek HQ and found ten top pieces of classic Supreme Court content for your reading pleasure…

1. Our exclusive interview with the then Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger

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2. When the Supreme Court joined Instagram

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3. The Supreme Court’s 4.5 star TripAdvisor rating

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4. Supreme Court judges get the FaceApp treatment

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5. Husband and wife team sit on Supreme Court bench

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6. The Supreme Court’s first female president

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7. Lord Sumption’s snazzy ties

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8. Lady Hale’s best brooches

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9. The Supreme Court’s first ever female majority

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10. Lady Hale appears in Vogue magazine to mark 100 years of women in law

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Happy birthday to the Supreme Court! 🎈🎂


Infatuated of Tunbridge Wells

Ahh, a picture of Katie King. Truly, my day is complete.


Lord Lordy Lord QC

11. Supreme Court gives a widely derided decision misunderstanding the royal prerogative and the constitution as a whole.



The Supreme Court can not misunderstand the constitution. The Supreme Court, whatever it’s decision, is correct in that decision.



The Supreme Court can not misunderstand the constitution. The Supreme Court, whatever it’s decision, is correct in that decision. Feel free to disagree, but the Supreme Court’s decision is final.



Number 1 on that list is particularly beautiful. You can tell that Neuberger is just so so deep inside KK’s mind. A really penetrating image. Here’s to many more years.



Lord Neuberger was like a rat up a drainpipe



Or like a cockroach in a compost heap



Do you think she actually f*cked him?



She definitely did – she sent me a clip on Snap Chat


Blackstone's Tormented Ghost

These people deffo should spend more time with their law books and less time trying to get on social media



All the feminists on my LLB worship Hale. You should have seen their faces when I told them she’s there as a token and couldn’t hold a candle to Lord Sumption, a real intellectual heavyweight.



Sometimes the truth hurts eh


Your overpaid underworked SJW uni lecturer

Actually there are no intellectual heavyweights these days. Even Sumption is merely the best of a bad bunch.



He’s got gumption.



Everyone knows its true.


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