Tag: Human rights

Is blockchain the future of solving human rights issues?

It can be used for much more than making tech-savvy people rich, says Queen Mary law grad Fanny Ferencz

Nov 14 2018 11:07am

ISIS Beatles: The UK government should not facilitate their execution just because it falls under another jurisdiction

What’s the point of having no death penalty in Britain if we extradite people to countries where they do?

Jul 24 2018 2:00pm

Government will give prisoners the vote, 12 years after ECtHR’s famous Hirst ruling

Proposals will only impact least serious offenders

Oct 30 2017 11:18am

The fight for Gurkha justice is not over

Eurocentrism is making it harder for Gurkha children to settle in the UK

Oct 27 2017 11:56am

David Lammy is right to encourage use of modern slavery laws, says human rights lawyer

MP's report recommends more prosecutions under modern slavery legislation

Sep 11 2017 2:50pm

ECtHR overturns ruling that allowed boss to snoop on employee’s Yahoo account

Original decision caused right-wing press furore -- and inaccurate reporting

Sep 5 2017 11:23am

Northern Irish women NOT entitled to abortions on NHS, Supreme Court rules

Landmark case decided by majority of 3:2

Jun 14 2017 11:02am

General election: Human Rights Act ‘safer now than it has been for years’, says top LSE human rights professor Conor Gearty

Exclusive: Conor Gearty tells Legal Cheek why he thinks our rights are secure under brand new Tory-led coalition

Jun 9 2017 4:11pm

Lawyers divided: Has Theresa May made a U-turn on human rights?

Keeping the Human Rights Act is a Tory manifesto pledge

Jun 7 2017 12:01pm

We ‘cocked up’, but it wasn’t misconduct: Leigh Day’s defence begins

Junior solicitor in the firing line over accusations firm pursued false claims against British troops

Apr 28 2017 11:52am

Daily Express forced to make huge correction to human rights story, again

Yet the tabloid newspaper has just released a slideshow explainer about the ECHR...

Mar 23 2017 12:28pm

LGBT moot: BPP Law School snatches victory from 2016 winners Oxford University

The competition was judged by some of the country's leading human rights specialists

Mar 13 2017 9:11am