City Law Website RollOnFriday Is Edited By An Ashurst Partner

Correction 11.45am 30/5/12: In its original form, this post stated that RollOnFriday had “maintained that [Ashurst partner Piers] Warburton had no editorial involvement in the Friday story round-up” until it “came clean” and admitted otherwise last week. This was incorrect: RollOnFriday has never sought to publicly hide Warburton’s editorial role, nor has it sought to… Read more »

Through Gritted Teeth: Aussie Lawyers Tell Of Delight At Firm’s ‘Merger’ With London Giant Ashurst In £1Million Ad Campaign

To promote its recent tie-up with Australian law firm Blake Dawson, City giant Ashurst has released a series of videos as part of a £970,000 advertising campaign – one of the most expensive law firm marketing pushes ever. In the videos Blake Dawson employees explain how delighted they are with the “perfect match” between Ashurst… Read more »

David ‘Scrap The QC System’ Wolfe QC Is STILL Fuming

Rule one of PR: you can’t shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. Unfortunately, nobody told this to Matrix Chambers’ newly appointed silk David Wolfe QC. Wolfe’s PR troubles began on 2 March, just after the QC awards were made, when Ashurst partner Piers Warburton posted onto his website a story about the… Read more »


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek re-writes stories from other websites in 90s yoofspeak so RollonFriday doesn’t have to Check it out, man! It’s Bonfire Night 2 and this time the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is on the fire. Yes, the GDL is literally going up in spliff smoke. Sheff Hallam Uni has hotboxed its GDL… Read more »


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek re-writes stories from other websites in 90s yoofspeak so RollonFriday doesn’t have to BARRISTERS RAKE IN THE WONGA BONGA! Wowzers! Pupil barristers are gonna be richer than Chelsea FC dudester Roman Abramovich. And he’s mega-rich!


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek is watching you… Social mobility champion of the week @TheInnerTemple, with its “strong tradition of political engagement, social responsibility and meritocracy” “The Princess Royal, Inner Temple’s Royal Treasurer, will attend the Grand Day Dinner tomorrow.” Borderline insane #FollowFriday behaviour of the week @TheNakedLawyer 70 separate #FF tweets (equating to well over… Read more »