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Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race Protester Trenton Oldfield And His, Er, Oxford-Educated Lawyers…

While the decision to jail Trenton Oldfield has been greeted with shock – the New Statesman went as far as to describe the case as “our Pussy Riot” – there has also been amusement at the anti-elitism protester’s rather elite background. Oldfield attended one of Australia’s most highly-regarded fee-paying schools, before obtaining a masters degree at… Read more »

Michael Mansfield QC: ‘The Johnny Depp Of The Legal World’

“Radical; vegetarian; socialist. These three words are rarely used in conjunction with lawyers, but these are the three that encapsulate Michael Mansfield QC,” begins last week’s Oxford University student newspaper profile of well-known human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield (pictured left). “In a mystifying world, brim-full of traditions, wigs, and lots of Latin,” it continues, “you… Read more »

Wannabe Lawyer Sends Letter of Rejection To Oxford Uni

A state-school pupil who was invited to Oxford University for an interview for a place to read law decided against going along – and wrote her own letter of rejection to the university. In it, she said Oxford “did not quite meet the standard” of other universities. Here’s the full text of Elly Nowell’s (pictured)… Read more »

How Would Stephen Hawking Have Fared as a City Lawyer?

Follow @legalaware The professor’s arrival would have delighted a corporate law firm PR team, but management may have been less enthusiastic, writes LegalAware Unfortunately, Professor Stephen Hawking was too unwell to attend his 70th birthday celebration at Cambridge University last week, but a recorded version of his speech made for interesting listening. In it, the… Read more »


Follow @FellowsAdam Bar graduate Adam Fellows isn’t convinced doing a masters degree is a good way to land a trainee legal job One option for law graduates without a training contract or a pupillage is to study for a masters. Universities have offered LLMs for a long time. More recently, the big name course providers… Read more »