Category: Bizarre

David Bowie used to be a paralegal based near Lincoln’s Inn

British music legend sadly passed away yesterday after 18-month battle with cancer

Jan 11 2016 5:28pm

Law Society bigwigs sample culinary delights in MasterChef challenge

Solicitor reps' grand Chancery Lane HQ was the setting for latest round of hit BBC cookery show

Dec 10 2015 1:04pm

Is Gladbury actually High Wycombe? BPP to reveal identity of fictional law seminar town that has acquired cult following

Mystique around imaginary town that has inspired tribute parties to be shattered

Nov 18 2015 9:47am

Protesting Palestinian lawyer becomes unlikely star of Reddit Photoshop battle

Geeks try to bring some light relief to the escalating conflict in the Middle East

Oct 15 2015 3:32pm

1920s cartoon predicts that first women barristers would hilariously modify their wigs

Horsehair extensions and evening wear-style gowns yet to materialise

Oct 12 2015 5:29pm

Addleshaw Goddard junior lawyer so busy that he keeps working during charity cycle

The battle to meet those hours targets never stops

Oct 5 2015 4:25pm

City firm offers virtual ‘helicopter trips’ and ‘Ferrari racing’ in bid to make commercial awareness interesting

But will CMS's virtual reality headsets allow students to forget that it's slashing trainee numbers by a third this year?

Oct 1 2015 12:20pm

Lawyer falls for latest Facebook ‘legal contract’ privacy hoax

If in doubt, cite the "Rome Statute"

Sep 29 2015 5:19pm

Lawyers’ ethics: who would you save first in a fire — your mum or girlfriend?

Chinese judicial ethics exam asks wannabe lawyers to decide

Sep 29 2015 11:09am

The University of Law seems to think the former Soviet Union still exists

Looking to study the LPC? Still view yourself as a citizen of a dissolved communist superstate? Then ULaw has you covered

Sep 24 2015 3:03pm

Surely future magic circle lawyers aren’t sufficiently superficial to be swayed by the promise of a free swim?

It's all about the quality of the deals -- and the on-site pool

Sep 23 2015 1:23pm

Matrix Chambers rocked by death of pet fish who had own email address and Twitter account

Human rights set in mourning after Yusuf and Ken Junior sadly pass away

Sep 18 2015 11:28am

BPP in online lecture cartoon fail

Law school has a very unique way of depicting members of Britain’s police force

Sep 17 2015 3:31pm

BPP Law School in gavel shocker

Lawyers, look away now -- the latest misuse of the auctioneer’s hammer is from an institution that should really know better

Sep 14 2015 4:58pm

BPTC newbies embark on first test: collecting their books

Wheelie-suitcase wielding bar students descend on law schools -- but how will the 2015-16 band of wannabe barristers use their textbooks?

Sep 11 2015 3:13pm