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Top law lecturers express urgent concerns over SQE as they call on regulator to delay roll-out

Too much uncertainty for uni-hopefuls to make 'educated decision', says Committee of Heads of UK Law Schools

Feb 4 2020 11:28am

How Manchester Law School is helping to bring about a new industrial revolution in legal services

For Professor Andrew Francis the SQE is just one part of a much bigger story

Jan 29 2020 1:31pm

How the SQE shifts power from law firms to students

‘No longer can a law firm dangle a training contract in front of paralegals or insist that getting a job in a firm’s onshore centre is not a route to qualifying’

Jan 17 2020 9:02am

SRA to make decision on SQE1 skills assessment in New Year

Feedback from spring pilot advised it be ditched

Dec 11 2019 8:53am

Super-exam could damage ‘credibility’ of solicitor qualification, junior lawyers warn

JLD urges super-regulator to think carefully before giving new exam final sign-off

Nov 11 2019 10:57am

SRA seeks law students and lawyers to sit SQE2 pilot

Cash and work placements up for grabs

Aug 12 2019 11:31am

Incoming Exeter Law School chief: Super-exam pilot ‘obscures as much as it reveals’

SQE 1 performance reports lack technical detail, argues Professor Richard Moorhead -- but regulator insists new exam will meet 'high standards'

Aug 7 2019 11:08am
SQE super-exam students solicitors

Junior lawyers seek to have approval of the SQE overturned

Letter to Justice Committee aims to skewer super-exam

Jun 24 2019 12:00pm

Arden University registers as SQE prep provider

Ex-BPP chief's new outfit prepares to deliver super-exam course

Jun 24 2019 9:33am

Profession prepares for big changes in training of lawyers

Scrapping of LPC, shift to apprenticeships and focus on tech prompt enthusiasm and anxiety in equal measure

May 31 2019 11:15am

The SQE and the challenges ahead

ULaw’s director of business development, Morette Jackson, reveals how law firms are reacting to the new solicitor super-exam

May 1 2019 10:00am

Trainees risk ‘exploitation’ under super-exam, junior lawyers warn

Regulator urged to reinstate mandatory minimum salary -- again

Apr 30 2019 10:49am

How one law school is preparing for the biggest shake-up to legal education in a generation

Andrew Chadwick, dean of BPP University Law School, discusses the SQE, technology and the opportunities ahead

Apr 23 2019 1:37pm

Struggling to understand how the SQE will affect you? This handy new calculator is here to help

Online tool determines students' best route to solicitor qualification

Apr 1 2019 10:23am
SQE super-exam students solicitors

Junior lawyers question legal watchdog’s ‘refusal criteria’ following SQE approval

Super-exam was given go-ahead by LSB despite calls to delay

Mar 6 2019 11:28am