Human Rights

Privacy, celebrities and the media

It's a fine balance between the freedom of the press and the privacy of individuals, says newly qualified solicitor Aisha Hussain

Nov 12 2019 10:10am

Assisted dying: a new legal challenge

Motor neurone disease sufferer Phil Newby's far-reaching case launched last month

Aug 8 2019 10:28am

‘ISIS bride’ stripped of citizenship: what are her prospects on appeal?

In the Shamima Begum case, statelessness is the key legal issue

Feb 25 2019 12:06pm

Yellow vests crisis: What are flash-balls and why haven’t they been banned?

As gory reports of injuries increase, French police are increasingly criticised for deploying this controversial weapon

Feb 5 2019 10:30am

Should the courts decide what is in the best interests of a child?

The judiciary is not suited to deal with the complexities of medical life-and-death scenarios

Jan 16 2019 10:50am

Modernising the Mental Health Act

KCL postgrad Emma Diack looks at the changes ahead

Dec 20 2018 12:05pm

Assisted dying: Will the UK ever alter the law?

Yesterday's Supreme Court decision suggests not

Nov 28 2018 9:52am

Is the Supreme Court’s landmark life-support ruling a step closer to allowing assisted dying?

Patients in a vegetative state can now die without legal permission if doctors and family members are in agreement

Jul 31 2018 11:39am

ISIS Beatles: The UK government should not facilitate their execution just because it falls under another jurisdiction

What’s the point of having no death penalty in Britain if we extradite people to countries where they do?

Jul 24 2018 2:00pm

GDPR: social media and the right to be forgotten

George Ketsopoulos speculates why teenagers learn Latin but not how the internet works in his shortlisted entry to the BARBRI International Privacy Law Blogging Prize

Jun 19 2018 11:24am

Clause 8(e): The Cambridge Analytica enabling clause

Law student Joe Ferris delves deep into the Data Protection Bill in his runner-up entry to the BARBRI International Privacy Law Blogging Prize

Jun 11 2018 2:20pm

In opposition to data ownership

Should you be paid for every page you like on Facebook? Read the winning entry to the BARBRI International Privacy Law Blogging Prize, by UCL law student Natalie Chyi

Jun 4 2018 2:50pm

How the debate about animals feeling pain became headline news

Government has pledged to enshrine animal sentience into law, but how did we get here?

Dec 15 2017 12:08pm

The fight for Gurkha justice is not over

Eurocentrism is making it harder for Gurkha children to settle in the UK

Oct 27 2017 11:56am

What’s the point of the Race Relations Act if black people are STILL discriminated against?

Fifty years since the act was passed and it’s not clear how far we’ve come

Sep 13 2016 9:29am

Why homosexual asylum seekers’ sexual identities are still not being respected

The Supreme Court's HJ judgment: a case comment

Aug 18 2016 10:45am

Jewish human rights: No need to boycott the boycotters, says High Court

Is this the biggest setback to British equality law in modern history?

Aug 10 2016 10:21am

Judges, you need to catch up with parliament in your treatment of transgender people

Stop reminding litigants what used to be between their legs

May 6 2016 11:12am