Human Rights

How election legislation has failed the UK’s visually-impaired voters

Aspiring barrister Lauren Slade explores the lack of statutory protection for the blind

Sep 4 2023 8:41am

Deceptive (dating) by design?

Dating apps may seem like a piece of fun but more sinister goings-on may be at play, such as privacy and human rights breaches, writes third year law student Tanzeel ur Rehman

Aug 24 2022 9:12am

Seeking justice for the Chagossians

Britain’s colonisation of the Chagos Islands continues to this day, in apparent defiance of international concern and court judgments, writes Sheffield Hallam graduate Rachael Shaw

Aug 19 2022 10:13am

Seeking asylum: a one-way ticket to Rwanda?

Teshé Rolle, a final year student at The University of Law, looks at the government’s relationship with human rights and its much-discussed plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Jul 25 2022 10:19am

After Roe: Recognising the importance of reproductive rights in England and Wales

Following the US Supreme Court’s controversial reversal of Roe v Wade, aspiring barrister Jade Rae explains the importance of the Abortion Act 1967 in England and Wales

Jul 18 2022 10:39am

The rules of war

Law student Michal Smigla considers international humanitarian law and the consequences of disregarding it

Apr 28 2022 11:39am

We need to give greater attention to positive obligations under human rights law

Such European rights should be taught and embraced more widely to uplift society's most vulnerable, argues aspiring barrister Jordan Briggs

Mar 10 2022 12:50pm

Shamima Begum: What price have we paid for national security?

UCL graduate and aspiring barrister Atticus Blick explores the case of the former ISIL teenage bride

Sep 23 2021 11:29am

The need for an international right to obscurity

With the internet more accessible than ever, Edinburgh Napier law student Lewis Hay calls for a more uniform and transparent approach

May 26 2021 10:17am

Article X: The right to environmental protection?

Oxford Brookes law grad Paul Wyard makes his case for a new standalone ECHR right

Jan 13 2021 9:45am

Ella Kissi-Debrah inquest: The case for a ‘clean air act’

‘Ella’s Law’ may well be the next step to combat air pollution in our busy capital, says Bar Course graduate Rajni Virk

Dec 23 2020 6:21pm

Human Rights Act review: Fair or farce?

Birmingham University student Charlotte Tomlinson casts a critical eye over this week's government announcement on World Human Rights Day 2020

Dec 10 2020 1:00pm

Meet the experts who will consider reforming judicial review

Oxford law grad Jordan Briggs profiles the independent panel tasked with looking at potential reform

Aug 4 2020 1:20pm

COVID-19: The prison crisis

Aspiring barrister Claudia-Lauren Williams questions why the government has been so slow to implement plans for prisoner release

May 1 2020 12:06pm

Virus pandemic: Why the UK must release immigration detainees

The detention of migrants who do not pose a risk is dangerous, callous and illegal, argues Oxford University PPE student James Cox

Apr 1 2020 12:51pm

Assisted dying: ‘Sanctity of life’ not a matter for judges, says High Court

Oxford University law student Jordan Briggs looks at yesterday's ruling in R (Newby) v Secretary of State For Justice

Nov 20 2019 10:45am

Privacy, celebrities and the media

It's a fine balance between the freedom of the press and the privacy of individuals, says newly qualified solicitor Aisha Hussain

Nov 12 2019 10:10am

Assisted dying: a new legal challenge

Motor neurone disease sufferer Phil Newby's far-reaching case launched last month

Aug 8 2019 10:28am

‘ISIS bride’ stripped of citizenship: what are her prospects on appeal?

In the Shamima Begum case, statelessness is the key legal issue

Feb 25 2019 12:06pm

Yellow vests crisis: What are flash-balls and why haven’t they been banned?

As gory reports of injuries increase, French police are increasingly criticised for deploying this controversial weapon

Feb 5 2019 10:30am

Should the courts decide what is in the best interests of a child?

The judiciary is not suited to deal with the complexities of medical life-and-death scenarios

Jan 16 2019 10:50am