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Unfunded pupillages are back

For ten years now, it has been compulsory for chambers to pay their pupils. But it's still possible to get round the rule if a Bar Standards Board (BSB) waiver is obtained — as Regent Chambers has just proved... From Pupillage Gateway, here is Stoke-based Regent Chambers' ad for a 12 month unfunded pupillage commencing... Read more »

BPTC Language Test Fudge Leaves Bar Hopefuls Mystified

Surprisingly, non-native English speakers don't have to sit a language test to gain admission to the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). Lucy Pether investigates To the uninitiated, this country's quirky system of legal education is deeply confusing. This rule applies not just to the bigger picture, but also to the details, with the level of... Read more »

Is It OK For Barristers To Call Their Client a ‘Slag’?

This morning, I tweeted a story about a barrister who’d described his client as a "slag". Referring to a CCTV film of the client lifting her skirt and flirting with three men who she is then alleged to have taken to murder her wealthy husband, Stuart Rafferty QC stated in his closing speech: "You’ve all... Read more »

BPP Law School CEO Says Avoid Criminal Bar; Bar Council Chief Voices ‘Great Concern’ At Number Of Barrister Wannabes – Yet Still Students Keep Flocking To The BPTC

On Sunday BPP Law School chief executive Peter Crisp became the latest – and most unlikely – person to (indirectly) lend his voice to the growing chorus of warnings against doing the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). Speaking to The Sunday Times(£), Crisp said that he does "not advise going into criminal practice at the... Read more »

Complain About The BSB At Your Peril, Bar Students – ‘Independent’ Complaints Body Is Chaired By BSB Member

A recent article, ‘EXCLUSIVE: BPTC Students Point Finger At Bar Standards Board Following ‘Disastrous’ And ‘Unfair’ Exams’, elicited over 40 comments from Bar students. Many of them were highly critical of the Bar Standards Board (BSB), which is responsible for appointing the members of the central examination board that set the aforementioned ‘disastrous’ and ‘unfair'... Read more »

Apprentice Star Sparks Daily Mail Pupillage Coffee-Making Row

“If you had someone trained as a barrister, you wouldn’t have them running round making coffee all day – it’s demeaning,” Apprentice winner (and former banker) Stella English told the Daily Mail on Monday, having quit her new role because she wasn’t given enough responsibility. Au contraire, Stella. Rookie barristers make lots of coffee –... Read more »

‘I’m Worried Having a Blog Could Repel Chambers’

King's College law student Yi Bin Woh reckons Lord Neuberger's recent warning to judges about the dangers of courting publicity applies to wannabe lawyers, too I won’t lie: I like blogging. Not blawging in the semi-journalistic sense. I’m referring to personal blogging. You see, I like the cathartic effect of writing with complete abandon. I... Read more »

Legal Profession Is ‘Bedazzled By The Legend Of London’

In reality, the capital's lawyers are no better than their regional counterparts, says The Law Horse A discussion on the #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast (24 February 2011) may have caught your ear. It caught mine. At 21:17 of the podcast, Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge stumbled into specious territory: “If you want to talk about the hierarchies... Read more »