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Don’t scrap the bar aptitude test, urges Bar Council. Up the pass mark instead

BSB mulls ditching entry exam after report found fewer than 1% of wannabe barristers fail to pass it

Oct 25 2021 9:17am

Barrister apprenticeships? Quite possibly says pupillage expert

There are barriers to overcome, but these are not 'insurmountable'

Sep 10 2021 11:09am

Bar exams: BSB stats reveal widely differing pass rates among providers

New figures -- focusing on centralised assessments only -- show average pass rates ranging between 92% and 18%

Sep 2 2021 9:33am

Pupil barrister numbers down nearly a third in 30 years

757 in 1991 ⤵️ 542 in 2020

Jul 28 2021 11:33am

Top judge slams BSB over ‘injustice’ to student wrongly kicked off bar training course

Ryan Eve vindicated in High Court after regulator's blunders

Jul 23 2021 11:30am

Bar course pass rates drop 18% during pandemic

Just 10% of BPTC grads started pupillage in 2020-21, new stats show

Jul 16 2021 10:24am

Super regulator sides with pupillage seekers in row over rejection by silence

Follows letter from wannabe barrister first reported by Legal Cheek

Jun 8 2021 12:00pm

Henry Hendron avoids disbarment — again

Scandal-hit barrister reprimanded for continuing to work during suspension over drug offences

Jun 1 2021 10:51am

Bar exam bosses apologise for last summer’s chaos after damning independent review

Outside experts heavily critical of online set-up that left some students locked out and others urinating in bottles and buckets

May 6 2021 1:08pm

Barristers are demanding tougher sanctions for sexual misconduct at the bar

Regulators are under pressure to dish out more than brief suspensions

Feb 19 2021 11:24am

The ‘cab-rank’ rule — an ethical conundrum

Aspiring barrister Benjamin Ramsey explores the recent events involving Dinah Rose QC and David Perry QC

Feb 17 2021 10:22am

Barrister who touched two people ‘sexually’ handed three-month suspension

Incidents occurred in the summer of 2019

Jan 27 2021 9:19am

Henry Hendron to appear before disciplinary tribunal — again

Exclusive: Junior barrister tells Legal Cheek he's looking forward to 'knocking out each and every one of the BSB charges'

Jan 8 2021 10:36am

December bar exams to go ahead as planned

BSB keeping assessments under 'close review' in wake of second lockdown

Nov 10 2020 9:21am

White male barristers out-earn female and BAME colleagues

Even with the same level of experience and areas of law, research finds

Nov 6 2020 8:35am

Top law prof to oversee independent review into summer bar exam fiasco

BSB announces appointment of Hull Uni pro-vice chancellor Rebecca Huxley-Binns

Nov 4 2020 10:48am

BSB reveals bar exam pass rates following summer proctoring problems

Scores consistent with previous years, says regulator -- if you don't count students who encountered IT issues

Oct 15 2020 1:15pm