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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

This week’s confidence vote showed the merits of our unwritten constitution [Prospect]

Here’s how the first hijab-wearing criminal barrister in Britain is changing laws and breaking glass ceilings… [Harper’s Bazaar]

Kelly’s story: what it’s like being a criminal duty solicitor [The Law Society]

A day in the life of a lawyer with children [Thomson Reuters]

The Colston 4 and the fog of law [The Critic]

‘I was groped in the lift at my chambers… so why didn’t I complain?’ One of Britain’s top female judges dares to ask why her generation didn’t do more to combat sexual harassment at the Bar [Mail Online]

Why has no Prime Minister since 1974 both taken office and lost office at General Elections? [The Law and Policy Blog]

Why we need a Bad Law Project [The Law Society Gazette]

UK court discusses copyright protection of fictional characters and defences for parody and pastiche [The IPKat]

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The Mail article is an interesting account of how things used to be but aren’t any more.


Archibald O'Pomposity

“This week’s confidence vote showed the merits of our unwritten constitution”

It’s not an unwritten constitution. It’s another set of arbitrary rules that can be rewritten – whether for better or worse – at any time.


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