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How aspiring lawyers can better understand the legal market

Lawyer turned BPP University Law School training manager Natasha Saleh shares her advice to students looking to secure a training contract post-COVID

Aug 24 2020 12:49pm

A group of anonymous BPP students have published an open letter complaining about LPC lockdown ‘failures’

'All concerns raised by students are taken seriously and dealt with using the processes stated in our regulations,' says law school in response

Jul 22 2020 4:35pm

BPP students aren’t happy about having to do without hard copy course materials

Delay sending out textbooks caused by printer being closed due to COVID-19, says law school, which has moved all materials online

Jul 16 2020 1:13pm

How to create well-rounded lawyers of the future

Jo-Anne Pugh discusses BPP University Law School’s unique approach to the SQE and how it will prepare students for the assessments -- and for practice

May 7 2020 11:48am

BPP students to get taste of ‘real-world practice’ with virtual law firm launch

Law school giant teams up with AI specialist to create new tech learning tools

May 6 2020 9:09am

Trainees should qualify on time as Professional Skills Course moves online, says regulator

Law school giants ULaw, BPP and BARBRI Altior make provisions to deliver large number of modules remotely

Apr 14 2020 9:43am

BPP gives students option to sit LPC exam or delay

Law school’s approach follows advice from Public Health England

Mar 16 2020 1:16pm

Hotshot solicitor apprentices are starting to give law graduates a serious run for their money

BPP head of legal apprenticeships Bruce Humphrey detects a 'cultural change' taking place

Jan 21 2020 1:00pm

BPP, BCLP and Eversheds to talk solicitor apprenticeships LegalEdCon North

Head of BPP programme to be joined by Manchester rising stars

Dec 5 2019 10:37am

STEM Future Lawyers and BPP launch 2020 GDL scholarship

Applications now open for science students interested in law

Nov 15 2019 11:00am

Law students to be taught meditation to prepare for workplace stress

New initiatives will also include online 'mindfulness' module

Nov 13 2019 8:47am

ULaw revamps bar course as it slashes cost by over 30%

New course priced at £13,000 will compete with Inns of Court venture

Oct 22 2019 1:38pm

BPP Law School launches new two-part BPTC

Exclusive: Shorter, flexible option will allow students to pause their studies after completing stage one

Sep 17 2019 8:51am

Manchester innovation in legal education conference launched

30 January event will bring together firms, northshoring hubs and law schools ahead of introduction of the SQE

Sep 9 2019 9:17am

BPP Law School launches new SQE-slanted GDL

Course aims to prepare non-law students for super-exam

Sep 2 2019 2:13pm

BPP to give wannabe barristers ‘corporate training’

BPTC becomes more LPC-like, with added commercial awareness

Sep 7 2016 9:09am

How to get a distinction on the LPC

BPP University Law School director of LPC programmes Jane Houston gives her ten top tips for success

Aug 11 2016 2:25pm

BPP law library standoff: Female GDL student confronts two male laptop thieves — grabbing one by the throat

Aspiring lawyers build human wall across Waterloo campus entrance to stop would-be thieves escaping

Feb 4 2016 2:46pm