Tag: Criminal law

Private school kids continue to dominate corporate law

'Much more work to be done', says SRA chief

Mar 31 2020 11:50am

Machine-learnt bias? Algorithmic decision making and access to criminal justice

The pressure on our criminal justice system is mounting -- but is algorithmic decision making the way forward? Queen Mary law grad Marina Wojcik addresses some of the concerns

Mar 18 2020 10:25am

How to get a first in your law degree

Solicitor turned professor Nick Ross shares his secrets to forming good study habits

Mar 10 2020 2:22pm

The Caroline Flack case analysed by a criminal barrister

What to expect from one of the biggest celebrity cases of 2020

Jan 2 2020 1:45pm

Extension of police stop and search powers — radical or rhetoric?

It will further damage relations between communities and the police, argues Anonymous Rookie

Sep 26 2019 12:38pm

‘Sex is fun, and I can get paid for it’, says criminal lawyer who side hustles as prostitute

Married mother Katherine Sears claims to have once made £44,500 in just three weeks

Sep 10 2019 11:32am

Law student reported rapist to police after criminal and evidence lectures triggered memories of ordeal

Jay Graham admitted two charges of rape and a charge of sexual assault

Jul 17 2019 2:50pm
secret barrister

The Secret Barrister reveals pain at not being able to publicly celebrate success

Anonymous author wishes they could lap up glory in person

Jun 3 2019 3:54pm

Warwick student rape chat scandal: Should they be prosecuted?

Nottingham law grad Fraser Collingham considers how the law balances free speech and offensive social media messages

Mar 15 2019 11:23am

Advocates’ core courtroom skills on the decline, judges warn

Reduced levels of pay blamed for lower morale and standards, finds report

Jun 28 2018 11:54am

How mobile phones are helping forensic scientists catch murderers

Digital forensics is a growing area, but don't be fooled into thinking it's infallible

Jun 20 2018 9:15am

Top tax QC sparks Twitter spat with criminal barristers, academics and more after writing controversial article about rape trials

Jo Maugham QC holds his ground despite social media flak for use of stats, 'non-expert' opinion and apparent decision to 'block' barrister

May 8 2018 2:13pm

Review: Classic courtroom drama played out on stage – it will make you want to become a criminal lawyer

But Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution grandeur is a world away from the realities of the criminal justice system

May 3 2018 9:15am

Survey: How should law academics teach rape, war crimes and other ‘hard subjects’?

Value of trigger warnings and ‘cold calling’ under spotlight

Nov 30 2017 3:07pm

From rape law to war crimes: The hardest part of ‘hard subjects’ is teaching them

Academics and students grapple with trigger warnings and ‘cold calling’

Nov 29 2017 8:58am

The Secret Barrister: A year of rubbish media reports and the public is dangerously disconnected from criminal law

The public should be outraged by the justice system -- but not for the reasons they think

Nov 17 2017 9:20am

Are we about to see more prosecutions for genocide?

This law has undergone a growth spurt in recent history

Oct 6 2017 10:25am