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Distance learning: desirable or a disadvantage?

I live in Hong Kong, but my law school is in London

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Super-exam: Frequently Asked Questions about the SQE

Clarity among the confusion as SRA confirms it will scrap the LPC and GDL

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Legal Cheek’s top 10 creative revision tips

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An open letter to future lawyers, from a future lawyer

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Mar 14 2017 9:07am

Is a training contract the only way?

I’m doing a law degree, but the CILEx route is pulling me in

Feb 7 2017 10:10am

Subpar A-levels or my ex-poly uni: What’s preventing me from getting a training contract at a top firm?

I have a first class construction degree and big ambitions

Jan 27 2017 10:29am

Most miserable Blue Monday ever: Law well-being charity shares its advice

Today is an opportunity to reflect on our mental health

Jan 16 2017 2:24pm

What is it really like to work at a US firm? An NQ’s perspective

The hours, the responsibility, the holidays, the money

Dec 29 2016 9:59am

Vac scheme applications Christmas stocking

More useful than chocolate and satsumas

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Low grades caused by health problems, what will law firms think?

I'm back on track now but worried the damage has already been done

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Open thread: What is it like to work at a US firm in London?

Are the megabucks worth the crazy hours? Or have these firms fallen foul to unfounded stereotypes?

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Open thread: What is it like to work in the magic circle?

Share your experiences below the line

Nov 30 2016 9:58am

I did a BTEC instead of A-levels — can I still get a training contract?

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Will doing a PhD spell the end of my career in private practice?

Newly qualified solicitor questions a return to education

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Is there still any chance of me getting a training contract here in the UK?

International law student ponders life in England

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