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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

David Lammy: Dispensing with jury trials in the Covid era will damage our democracy [The Telegraph]

‘Worst recession in 300 years’: How graduates are coping with Covid-19 job market [Prospect Magazine]

What should COVID-19 CEOs do about The Mayson Report Section 4.12, if anything? [Lawyer Watch]

Oxbridge colleges are terrified of paying reparations [The Spectator] (registration required)

Secure your place: The Scottish Virtual Law Fair 2020

Why the proposed changes to asylum legal aid fees are unlawful [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Forever associated with a giant glass of red… [Pink Tape]

Our friends in court [The Critic]

Engaging with the history of women lawyers [Law Society Gazette]

“Surely the main factor limiting pupillage numbers is the fairly flatline growth of the legal services industry? Increasing the number of pupil barristers isn’t going to fix this — it would merely move the problem down the line, to the tenancy stage.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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