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COVID-19, tech and the SQE — the top talking points from LegalEdCon 2020

Prominent figures from the world of law came together, virtually, to discuss how the impact of coronavirus and an increasing reliance on tech will shape the future of legal education and training, Sophie Currie reports

Jun 9 2020 12:45pm

How the UK’s first teaching law firm will prepare students for the SQE

Nottingham Law School’s Executive Dean Jenny Chapman on the role of clinical legal training in a super-exam world

May 19 2020 1:45pm

The challenges ahead for online courts

Hardwicke barrister Andy Creer discusses changes to the way advocacy is delivered during the COVID-19 crisis and the new skills future barristers will require

May 13 2020 2:19pm

Why lawyers of the 2020s need to force themselves out their comfort zone

We sit down -- virtually, of course -- with LexisNexis’s Director Transformation, Kate Gaskell, ahead of her appearance at LegalEdCon on Thursday

May 12 2020 2:54pm

How to create well-rounded lawyers of the future

Jo-Anne Pugh discusses BPP University Law School’s unique approach to the SQE and how it will prepare students for the assessments -- and for practice

May 7 2020 11:48am

City Law School to tempt law firms with ‘salad bar SQE’

James Catchpole, Associate Dean and LPC Director, is thinking creatively about changes to solicitor and barrister training

May 6 2020 12:21pm

How tech is revolutionising the way law students learn

BARBRI’s Professor Samuel Farkas on what we can glean from the global training provider’s US model and how it will shape its SQE plans

May 5 2020 1:00pm

The SQE is just one part of a much bigger story

King’s College London’s Chris Howard shares his vision for the future of legal education

Apr 29 2020 1:20pm

How technology can help trainees in the new SQE world

The College of Legal Practice chief, Giles Proctor, sketches out a vision for the new super-exam that draws on the college’s strength in tech-based online learning

Apr 27 2020 2:15pm

Creating an SQE for the post COVID-19 world

Getting the balance right between online and face-to-face learning, while teaching practical skills in a way that accommodates new legal tech, will be crucial to a successful SQE, says ULaw’s Jill Howell-Williams

Apr 23 2020 12:58pm

Law school giants announce SQE speakers for LegalEdCon 2020

Conference goes virtual, taking place as scheduled on Thursday 14 May

Apr 2 2020 10:21am

Mayer Brown London managing partner to speak at LegalEdCon 2020

Sales of Early Bird Tickets end this Friday

Feb 26 2020 9:51am

Four new speakers announced for LegalEdCon London 2020

Quartet add to the array of different perspectives represented at Legal Cheek’s 14 May Future of Legal Education and Training Conference

Feb 14 2020 8:45am

First speakers announced for Future of Legal Education and Training Conference London 2020

Sales of Super Early Bird Tickets end this Friday

Nov 25 2019 12:36pm

Tickets go on sale for The Future of Legal Education and Training Conference London 2020

At Kings Place, Kings Cross, London, on Thursday 14 May 2020

Nov 5 2019 8:54am