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Lady Hale on Trump, Beyoncé comparisons and whether the Lord Chancellor must be a lawyer

BBC 5 Live interview fails to break Supreme Court president's ever-judicious stance

Jun 12 2019 1:18pm

Lady Hale opens up about her ‘brilliant’ mother who went back to work after her father died when she was 13

‘I say thank you to her almost every day for what she did for us’

May 10 2019 9:31am

Lady Hale says judges don’t use social media for fear of trolls

You won't be Snapchatting a Supreme any time soon

Mar 21 2019 11:42am

Women barristers overlooked in favour of men, Supreme Court president says

International Women's Day: Female advocates complain to Lady Hale that males still scoop the big cases

Mar 8 2019 11:03am

Lady Hale on courage

Judges must stand up to the government and the media, says Supreme Court president

Mar 4 2019 8:52am

Courtroom to catwalk? Lady Hale appears in Vogue magazine to mark 100 years of women in law

Supreme Court president humbled by role model status

Jan 11 2019 10:55am

Lady Hale attacks government ‘austerity’ policies

Supreme Court president in unusual political intervention

Jan 9 2019 1:51pm
Supreme Court Lady Hale

Lady Hale: Summon the ‘moral courage’ to tackle gender pay gap

Fight for what is right and just, says Supreme Court president

Jan 7 2019 11:38am

Lady Hale to star in new children’s book

Crowdfunding appeal seeks £25,000 for publication

Jun 18 2018 9:20am

Lady Hale was on MasterChef last night

Supreme Court president sampled fish dishes alongside space scientists and women's rights campaigners

Apr 6 2018 10:55am

Lady Hale will appear on MasterChef this week

From judging cases to judging cooking

Apr 3 2018 1:58pm

Exploring Lady Hale’s X factor

Supreme Court president's disarming charisma has earned her fans more loyal than One Direction's

Nov 24 2017 9:21am

Lady Hale’s best brooches

The fox, the spider's web, the frog -- Supreme Court's new president was rocking badges before it was cool

Nov 16 2017 9:41am

Lady Hale acknowledges ‘Beyoncé of the legal profession’ comparison

Exclusive: 'It was on Legal Cheek, wasn’t it?'

Oct 25 2017 1:12pm