Will vlawging catch on?


Some students are making decent money out of vlogging, so why are only a handful of wannabe lawyers dabbling in the medium?

Legal pic of the day


Judging by these posters spotted in east London yesterday, the concept of “hipster law” — as celebrated by a recent Twitter hashtag frenzy — may actually exist.

Does the future of law have no place for women?


Over 50% of new entrants to the legal profession may be women, but its higher echelons remain dominated by men — as a recent conference on the future of law demonstrated. Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) boss Diane Burleigh reports.

!Mitchell Bingo!


To celebrate the Mitchell judgment* Wigapedia has created a special commemorative bingo card.

9 classic ‘If I knew’ articles that you may have missed


In anticipation of this evening’s ‘If I knew’ Q&A at Inner Temple, the Legal Cheek team have selected their favourite articles from the early days of the ‘If I knew then what I know now’ series. In no particular order… JOSHUA ROZENBERG JOHN COOPER QC LUCY REED DAVID ALLEN GREEN MATTHEW RYDER QC SEAN JONES… Read more »