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!Mitchell Bingo!


To celebrate the Mitchell judgment* Wigapedia has created a special commemorative bingo card.

The Something Must Be Done Act 2014


Lawyer and blogger David Allen Green has had enough of tiresome legislation and meddlesome courts... Government and parliament waste too much time passing legislation. Last year there were 31 public acts of parliament and nearly 3,000 statutory instruments. Whitehall and Westminster would be better employed doing other things. And all this statutory output is subject to the... Read more »

Why do you need a degree to do the Graduate Diploma in Law?

In Saturday's The Times, Giles Coren argued that formal education is pretty much worthless — with school and university nothing more than glorified forms of child-minding that are encouraged by the establishment to avert social chaos. Coren recalls the response of his old English teacher when he asked him, “What is school for?" “It is... Read more »

The male barrister hottie list ‘subverted expectations’ — the female one ‘reinforces the most reactionary of ideas’

YourBarristerBoyfriend's original list is well-written, hilarious and has pictures of good-looking shirtless barristers. Naturally, I blew my monthly broadband limit on it immediately and have been denied internet privileges at home ever since. So why does the female top 21 list, published yesterday, leave such a sour taste? Is it just because I'm a humourless... Read more »

A brief history of online overshare disasters

A spate of recent inter-lawyer Twitter bust-ups (see here, here and here) reminds WaitroseLaw of some classic online overshare moments. She reflects on what up-and-coming members of the legal profession can learn from them... How could a lawyer possibly go wrong on a site which allows you to share your innermost thoughts immediately with an... Read more »

How junior lawyers can survive a merger

In the wake of yesterday's tie-up between SJ Berwin and King & Wood Mallesons — to form the snappily-named King & Wood Mallesons SJ Berwin — grizzled merger veteran WaitroseLaw shares her hard-learned experiences of law firm integration... The recent law firm merger frenzy means that the legal market has never seen so many shiny... Read more »

‘If I knew then what I know now… I’d be on my hands and knees begging my younger self not to become a criminal barrister’

The criminal Bar no longer offers a path to a nice middle class lifestyle, but it's still a great training ground to launch an interesting career in something else from, writes barrister-turned-author Alex McBride "Don’t do it, Young Self, you dumb ass," I’d say. "The money’s terrible, the hours are terrible, the train journeys endless.... Read more »