Legal pic of the day


Judging by these posters spotted in east London yesterday, the concept of “hipster law” — as celebrated by a recent Twitter hashtag frenzy — may actually exist.

Does the future of law have no place for women?


Over 50% of new entrants to the legal profession may be women, but its higher echelons remain dominated by men — as a recent conference on the future of law demonstrated. Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) boss Diane Burleigh reports.

!Mitchell Bingo!


To celebrate the Mitchell judgment* Wigapedia has created a special commemorative bingo card.

9 classic ‘If I knew’ articles that you may have missed


In anticipation of this evening’s ‘If I knew’ Q&A at Inner Temple, the Legal Cheek team have selected their favourite articles from the early days of the ‘If I knew then what I know now’ series. In no particular order… JOSHUA ROZENBERG JOHN COOPER QC LUCY REED DAVID ALLEN GREEN MATTHEW RYDER QC SEAN JONES… Read more »

The Something Must Be Done Act 2014


Lawyer and blogger David Allen Green has had enough of tiresome legislation and meddlesome courts… Government and parliament waste too much time passing legislation. Last year there were 31 public acts of parliament and nearly 3,000 statutory instruments. Whitehall and Westminster would be better employed doing other things. And all this statutory output is subject to the… Read more »